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  1. Standard member wolfgang59
    19 Feb '17 19:46
    Originally posted by Seitse
    Have you ever lived in Sweden?
    but I spent 3 hours lost in IKEA once and had a friend whose dad owned a Volvo.
  2. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    24 Feb '17 13:20 / 1 edit
    To be inside in a cold winter night, cup of Earl Grey on my desk, my RHP game position on the computer, the same position on my chessboard, seeking, calculating, exploring the position, then finding a small weakness in my opponents forces and slowly exploiting it to the point where I log in a few months later only to find a "game won" notice is an experience I treasure. I've lost many games in the last few decades, but the hard fought victories are well worth it. I have much to be thankful for.

    Sorry to take up your time with these random thoughts folks. I suppose as one gets older, one begins to find happiness in small things.
  3. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    19 Feb '17 13:00
    I for one recently renewed my sub on the pretext that the clan system would be cleaned up in the very near future. I only play clan games.

    If it is not rectified soon I will be demanding my payment back as will many other subscribers. To not even give some sort of updates to the situation is not good enough.
  4. 20 Feb '17 22:27
    Originally posted by Startreader
    For goodness sake, most people here have a brain. Knuckle draggers would do better to be quiet.
    Knuckle dragger is a pretty accurate description of Vespin and McTayto.
    I give Carrobie a tiny bit more credit.
    He's is just an envy-ridden and pathethic loser who breaks out in
    hives when he sees someone else doing better than him.
  5. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    20 Feb '17 22:44
    Potatoe Head (aka mctayto)

    You get my vote for biggest CHEAT & SANDBAGGER on this site!!!
  6. 23 Feb '17 15:29 / 1 edit
    Christians and seekers of God -

    We do well not to seek "things" from God as independent blessings. But rather we should realize that all the "things" of God are Christ Himself.

    Christ is a Person. But we often get sidetracked to want things of God apart from this Person. The Person - Christ, is all the positive things of God.

    He did not come to teach truth apart from Himself.
    Christ IS the truth.

    He did not come to shed light as a thing apart from Himself.
    Christ IS the light.

    He said "I am the bread."
    The bread of life IS Jesus Christ Himself.

    Rather than pray "Lord Jesus give me this bread of life" we should praise Him - "Lord Jesus, YOU are that bread of life."

    He did not say that He was the giver of the light. He said He WAS the light. Even He did not separate the resurrection from Himself. Rather He told Martha -

    " I am the resurrection and the life ..." (John 11:25)

    I will present in this thread that everything is in Christ. And Christ is everything man needs.
  7. Subscriber shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    24 Feb '17 06:54
    From the BBC:
    The chief strategist to President Donald Trump has said that his election victory has ushered in a "new political order".
    Steve Bannon vowed at a conservative conference to bring together those of "wide and sometimes divergent opinions" in support of "economic nationalism".

    That includes "deconstructing the administrative state", advancing an "economic nationalist agenda" and essentially reshaping the existing economic and political world order.

    "I think if you look at, you know, the opposition party," Mr Bannon said, referring to the media.
    "How they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and how they're portraying the administration - it's always wrong," he told Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, which hosted the conference.

    Ms Conway said it was difficult for her to call herself feminist because she is not "anti-male" and "pro-abortion".
    She added she was a "product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances", which she described as "conservative feminism".
    Ms Conway also criticised the Women's March, saying: "It turns out a lot of women don't like women in power".

    I give it to you.
    This is not a wolf in a new sheep skin, it's the same wolf in the same skin and we've heard this rhetoric before:

    New order
    Old corruption
    Bad media

    Our leader is always right.
    Freedom for you to do what we want you to do.

    Women should behave correctly, otherwise they're anti-women. Do what we tell you to do, because the old system oppressed you.

    Minority groups are to blame...

    Interesting times indeed.
    And what about the arch-conservative groups always screaming hell and fire about the new world order?
    Suddenly... really?

    The Sun will come out tomorrow.... tomorrow, tomorrow...
  8. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    20 Feb '17 13:57 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by Blood On The Tracks
    ain't the brightest spark

    No, you are not!!!

    Learn grammar and spelling before you try to teach others.

    Now you say you are a neutral observer...LOL... What a Joke that is!!

  9. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    20 Feb '17 14:04 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    They say that when they are getting their head handed to them. They just repeat themselves. That's all.
    little v.

    ROFLMAO...Are you the same one said you were done talking with the lot of us. Turns out to be another lie coming from your lips. At least you got them off of robbies butt long enough to do that, after you got done backstabbing him in Private P.M.'s...!!!

  10. 20 Feb '17 22:17
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    You have no proof on collusion. Impossible to prove. You must prove intent.

    Please prove and provide proof of intent by all the people you say are involved.
    Cage Fighter
    For goodness sake, most people here have a brain. Knuckle draggers would do better to be quiet.
  11. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    21 Feb '17 16:19
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    Can you beat Robbie in chess in a ten game match, one day to move, three day time bank. This way you cant hold the games up for a decade. If Robbie is so bad and dumb?

    Then play him. Second, Robbie knows more about life, and most topics than you do in your chosen field for a living. In terms of intelligence you don't hold a candle to Robbie.
    If you bend over any further your...............please.......a bit of help in here.........we need a medic.........VESPIN has a prolapse !!!
  12. Subscriber venda
    21 Feb '17 20:47
    Originally posted by shortcircuit
    Hey dummy......if I told you that standing in front of an eighteen wheeler traveling directly
    at you at 80 mph would kill you if it hit you, would you need proof to believe it was so?

    If so....prove it!!
    That's collision not collusion
  13. 23 Feb '17 15:34
    It is not that Christians do not have enough Christ. It is a problem that we have too many things other than Christ. Or we separate the things from Christ. We look into our own resources for the things. But we should look to Christ to BE all the rich things we need.

    Of course the worldly people think Jesus came with some truth.
    But Jesus said He WAS the way, the truth, and the divine life (John 13:6).

    You can save yourself years of foundering around. You can realize that what you seek is in Christ Himself. Do not ask God to give you patience. Thank God that Christ IS your patience. Take Christ Himself as your patience.

    It is the same with love, wisdom, forgiveness, long-suffering, endurance, and all the godly attributes and high human virtues. Christ Himself is all these things to us. In Him is the fulness.
  14. 19 Feb '17 00:40 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Mctayto
    lol if you believe one word of your own post then I can understand why you have the misconception that metallica are a clan of saints rather than the notorious sandbaggers that everyone else is fully aware of.
    And then there's Thugsuggle McTayto !!
    Now we only need Vespin to drop in and the 3 stooges will be complete !!
    I guess he has to finish his pillow fight (ahem ... cage match) with his teddy bear first !!
  15. 19 Feb '17 09:26
    Originally posted by Ashiitaka
    Walls can't be built on water. Immigrants can swim around the wall, or walk 20 metres into the sea and walk around it still.

    20 billions dollar s for something that won't even stop immigrants
    Actually, I believe that the vast majority of immigrants just go through the official border check points.