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  1. 19 Jun '17 06:13
    My heart weeps for this wonderful city, the Londoners and their hospitality - one of my favourite places.
  2. Subscriber divegeester
    20 Jun '17 19:17
    Originally posted by checkbaiter
    Who cares what crazy Bernie thinks
    Bernie was your chance of making America great; he a man of honour and decency who fights for social justice and against the moral implosion and casual ineptitude of Trump and his entourage of idiot advisors. I'm all for freedom of political perspective, but people such as yourself who back a POTUS like Trump no matter what, are truly lost.
  3. 23 Jun '17 20:10
    Originally posted by mchill
    An American man marries a Russian lady and they choose to live in....Russia. No, I don't plan to move there, but looking at things from the other side of the fence is not something American's are known for, and it can be pretty interesting.
    oh russia is awesome.

    if you're not gay.
    or poor.
    or a journalist.
  4. Standard member lemon lime
    blah blah blah
    24 Jun '17 16:06
    Maybe he has other things to do...

    It happens.
  5. Subscriber shortcircuit
    The Energizer
    19 Jun '17 22:10
    Originally posted by VESPIN
    Oh I agree. IF we are talking fighting? I was taught you don't stop until they stop moving or they stop breathing. Period.

    Problem is nobody in this forum has the balls to back on word up they say. I gave every single person in here a chance and a shot. Nobody stepped up.

    I'm done verbally fencing with everyone. It's stupid and I cant stand keyboard warriors. I at least gave the invitation, and everyone ran. Words mean nothing.

    You keep saying you are done and yet you keep coming back.

    Perhaps it is you who lacks a real life??

    Also, how do you know what Mac or robbie are doing?
    Are you snuggle buddies or what?
    Lastly, why do ANY of us care what they are doing?
    We are just happy they are gone, just as we will be when you are gone.
    IF you ever leave.
  6. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    20 Jun '17 10:10
    Originally posted by whodey
    I hear many on the left talk about "revolution". What does this mean to you? Is violence OK to achieve your goals or no?

    I also see people walk around proudly with Che Guevara T shirts. Who here identifies with the revolutionary?
    I look upon you as a revolutionary Whodey. Your non stop parade of half truths, ability to miss the most obvious points, and talent for to turning a blind eye to everything you don't want to see is truly revolutionary.
  7. Standard member HandyAndy
    Non sum qualis eram
    20 Jun '17 16:34
    Originally posted by wolfgang59
    They all speak with an accent in Manhattan!
    They should be used to it.
    The funniest accent in Manhattan is British.

  8. 20 Jun '17 17:37
    Originally posted by checkbaiter
    No revolution, the US will soon become the US of Islam. Much like Londonistan.
    Probably after Trump finishes his term or gets impeached and HC becomes prez.
    Sounds like a scary prospect, checkbaiter. Better sign away all your freedoms because of these imaginary future threats to your freedoms.
  9. 22 Jun '17 23:03
    Originally posted by Captain Strange
    I love doing 170 mph in my car.
    But you got to be careful because there are some real idiots on the road.
    Comedian George Carlin: There are two kinds of drivers on the road: idiots and maniacs. The idiots are people who drive slower than you, and the maniacs are people who drive faster than you.
  10. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    23 Jun '17 13:05
    Originally posted by Startreader
    That's an unnecessarily spiteful post. BOTT, you already know that Rusty has conquered his drinking problem and that it's a sore point with him. Getting a sense of déja vu here.

    Thank you for the comment. It just shows the character of the poster is all. Some things I guess just shouldn't be shared, but it was intended to help others, not be thrown in my face. I am very proud of the FACT that I have been alcohol free since March 22, 1992!!!

    I was hoping where I had made the post of my having an issue with drinking at one time and beating it would be incentive for others who may have a problem also conquer their issues with it.

    Seems some like to use it as a tool against me, so be it! I will lose no sleep over it!

  11. 24 Jun '17 19:26
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    Rudolf used LSD,enraging Santa.
    Surely animals never take amphetamines.
  12. 25 Jun '17 14:21
    Originally posted by vandervelde
    - Jehovas witness
    - salesman
    - mormon
    - ISIL member
    - Trump supporter /tattooed trumpist/
    - homeless stinking vagabond
    - Yugoslav
    Mormon so I wouldn't have to lock the drinks cabinet.
  13. 19 Jun '17 05:04
    I don't know. I would love a Carlsen-Kramnik match. That would be a dynamic affair.
  14. 19 Jun '17 06:11
    Originally posted by divegeester
    Then you'd think all the liberal globalist pricks would just stfu and let us get on with it then, instead of all this bleating and handwringing.

    Ps stay off the booze when you're posting; combined with your hate for the English the alcohol just makes you sound retarded. Thank god we don't have put up with your drunken Scottish slur with all your jingoistic bullshlt.
    Which has raised the intellectual level of the discussion to new and hitherto unplumbed depths; using naughty little swearwords to try to insult people who don't agree with you reads like desperation.
    But take heart, if by getting on with it you mean sinking the British economy further into the mire, I don't think you'll have to wait much longer. If Theresa and her merry band of 'Brexiteers' get going there'll be no stopping them; who knows how far they might go, and I think it starts today.
  15. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Zen Master
    19 Jun '17 07:28
    Originally posted by Torunn
    My heart weeps for this wonderful city, the Londoners and their hospitality - one of my favourite places.
    Kind words indeed.