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  1. 15 May '17 14:28 / 1 edit
    ...or how to write a chess blog (part I)

    This postion is the mystery, it's from a game where White gave Rooks odds.

    White started the game without a Rook on a1.
    A White piece was taken on b6. What was it?

    Also the reason why Staunton did not play Morphy...another mystery solved.

    the Red Hot Pawn Hall of Doom with two new entrants.

    Blog Post 358
  2. 20 May '17 18:54 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    More YouTube nut oopsie daisies. The funny thing is, you keep telling people that they are too trusting of authority, yet you believe anything someone says on YouTube.
  3. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    15 May '17 16:05
    I see the scumbag has now been removed from the clans he was playing with. Well done Russ

    You can't say that you weren't warned Karma would come a calling. It came, it saw, it kicked your ass right out of here !!1

    Man, I'm still laughing my head off thinking about his shock when justice pounced. Poor little girl must have near peed her panties.

    Goodbye and good riddance McTayo. A great day for all players of integrity on the site. May we never see your big ugly cheating head in here again
  4. 15 May '17 18:24
    i don't like to see any one banned but action had to be taken, i'm sure Jack is here still somewhere, and as much as people don't like him his actions and the actions of others while causing upset have actually lead to what i believe are some great changes by Russ to the clan system
  5. 19 May '17 12:18
    What seems to be largely forgotten in all this is that a government is not, and should not be, run by one man. Sure, the president is the leader, but if things get this bad, you shouldn't be laying all the blame on Trump. Every single politician enabling the current situation (and that's most of them) is also to blame.
  6. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    19 May '17 16:00
    Originally posted by apathist
    I'm not sure what to say after this thread title. How do you feel about counseling?
    The person counseling can only go by what you tell them, so you have to be perfectly honest with them, or no need even going there.

  7. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    20 May '17 16:19
    Mctayto booted from clan games
    Ict relegated
    Robbie in the huff
    Karma is good in 2017
  8. Subscriber KingDavid403
    King David
    20 May '17 18:45 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    Sun Shadows

    Anyone have any clues how this is possible?
    I don't.
    This pick is facing west at 5:31 PM.
    Your link does not work. Are you on LSD ? LOL From your eyeball pic I would say it is meth or cocaine. Your pupil is not dilated enough for LSD. Edit: I got your link to work now.
  9. Subscriber Ponderable
    20 May '17 19:07
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    So the only point made is that they author confuses timing of pictures with time lapse?

    Can you believe what foold post on youtube?

    I can't.
  10. 21 May '17 08:04
    Originally posted by FreakyKBH
    Ah, so you're at a loss.
    Ah, so you have difficulty reading posts that contradict your world view.

    It appears it escaped your notice that:
    He posted his own time lapse which clearly shows the transition of the moon; and
    He posted NASA's time lapse which shows a cartoonish moon with NO rotation at all.

    It appears it escaped your notice that I responded directly to those exact points in my post.

    Otherwise, posting a link to anything external literally never implies complete agreement.
    But posting a link to a YouTube and titling it 'More NASA Oopsie-daisies!' strongly implies you believe that the content of the YouTube demonstrates a NASA Oppsie-daisy.
    If that is not what you intended, say so now before you make more of a fool of yourself than you already have.

    If you wish to proceed with the conversation please state clearly:
    1. What in the video you do actually agree with.
    2. What in my response post you didn't understand.
  11. Subscriber vandervelde
    medieval punk rocker
    15 May '17 13:46
    I don´t know how but I ran across a topic on Help subforum which is now closed (topic, not the subforum ...) and I can´t help saying my suggestion again, although it is not my idea it is just usual regulation of vacations.

    Quote 1. Question

    My opponent's time has expired and he has admitted that he is using the Vacation feature to avoid the timeout loss. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I would think that this would be considered somewhat unethical. My question is, are there any rules governing this type of behavior, for or against? I'm not sure if this is a factor but this is a tournament game. I welcome all suggestions and/or comments. Thank you for your time.
    Peace, Bob
    High Chieftain

    Quote 2, the answer
    This crops up regularly in "hardcore" tournaments. His behaviour is unethical and unsportsmanlike, but it isn't actually against the site rules. We've asked several times for "hardcore" tournaments to be excluded from the vacation system, but so far it hasn't happened.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest that you "name and shame", and make a point of being very careful with your own times, even turning on your own vacation flag at the last minute if necessary. His 36 allowed days will run out eventually, and he won't be able to do the same thing to anyone else in 2017.

    Hopefully, the weight of complaints will eventually force the site owners to close this loophole.

    I suggest again that vacation system should - as in numebr of other siets as gameknot or chessworldt - which means the following:
    1 - vacation starts immediately after choosing vacation days (not like here, after God knows how many hours, maybe next day)
    2 - vacation STOPS the clock
    3 - player has 45 days for vacation

    I see no reasons that vacation should not affect hard core games.
    Time out is time out.
    If vacation stopped the clock - as it should and it is the meaning of time out - it would be no other problems.

    Taking time out is no more "unfair" than "thinking deeply until flag falls".

    Vacation like this - with clock continuing clicking - is not real vacation, but leaves the player with hanging flag "after" vacation.

    I know nothing will be done, all right, just wanted to say this.
  12. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    15 May '17 16:30
    Originally posted by radioactive69
    I see the scumbag has now been removed from the clans he was playing with. Well done Russ

    You can't say that you weren't warned Karma would come a calling. It came, it saw, it kicked your ass right out of here !!1

    Man, I'm still laughing my head off thinking about his shock when justice pounced. Poor little girl must have near peed her panties.
    ...[text shortened]... all players of integrity on the site. May we never see your big ugly cheating head in here again
    I agree...Russ is doing all he can. The sad part is he could have several alias's on here same as Robbie. I don't think mctayto was smart enough to see it coming. Robbie split at least under the name he was using before he got the boot, in my humble opinion of course.

    I told them both time and again for close to 18 months Karma would eventually catch up to them, which as we all saw did happen.

    I don't believe little v is completely innocent in everything that has happened. We all saw how he jumped in the "Easy Riders" clan to join in the fake celebrations at the end of 2016!

  13. Subscriber no1marauder
    15 May '17 22:56 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by whodey

    While many other states, particularly California, are seeking out new ways to “fight Trump” and defy the enforcement of immigration law, Texas is taking a decidedly different approach. Out in the Lone Star State, Republicans are moving forward with a bill which wou ...[text shortened]... long time before the message sinks in, but I still get the feeling that it will sooner or later.
    What a hypocrite. Do I have to pull up any of the hundreds of posts where you espoused the superiority of local governments? Now you are supporting legislation that would threaten elected mayors and city council members with jail unless they use their local police resources in a way that more distant governments prefer rather than what their People want.
  14. 16 May '17 01:20
    Originally posted by kmax87 to Eladar
    And the rich are doing what exactly? Having tons of babies?? Or being fully contraceptivised and doing the wild thing till they drop?

    If you are going to moralize against abortion then you should also moralize against those women who choose not to be baby factories and choose a career over raising the next white moral nation.

    Why not rail aga ...[text shortened]... s symptomatic of the moral decline in America and therefore should not be tolerated to continue?
    In Whodey's 'Discrimination against Asians' thread, Eladar spent his time whining about
    how white people are supposedly the most oppressed by racism in the USA today.

    No one who knows enough about his posts believes that the racist troll Eladar has any
    sincere concern about the (varying) plight of blacks, Latinos, or Asians in the USA.
  15. Subscriber shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    16 May '17 02:54
    Originally posted by no1marauder
    Trump is President of the United States. IF he wishes to reveal classified information to foreign diplomats in pursuance of US foreign policy, he has the legitimate power to do so.
    Yeah. Sure.
    Just fire the FBI chief who's investigating Trump - Russian connections. And the next day he's giving Russians classified information (from a foreign source which wasn't yet allowed to be released) in the Oval office....

    No orange taint there sir, None at all.
    It's as kosher as an orange banana served on a bed of red pork.