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The Masters of Zen616 Apr '14 05:06robbie carrobiemghrn55
Recruiting for In Vino Veritas #7515713 Apr '14 19:15widgetrobbie carrobie
Beer Clan climbs to 4th!!9813 Apr '14 02:01radioactive69radioactive69
Join my clan212 Apr '14 21:01neil666Merlion
Please join my clan612 Apr '14 16:26neil666cashthetrash
New clan "Cymru"209 Apr '14 02:14BychanMerlion
Chess Ronins102 Apr '14 02:17vanderveldevandervelde
Clan v Clan Performance201 Apr '14 13:29TheGambitrobbie carrobie
Spring cleaning / guitar alliance426 Mar '14 15:41gregsflatshortcircuit
Question about clan league120 Mar '14 11:46wsossinwsossin
New clan Analects recruting219 Mar '14 21:23MerlionMerlion
Just a reminder.3216 Mar '14 17:46D4Vdivegeester
Bad association spoils useful habits!5814 Mar '14 00:36robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
the fifth element210 Mar '14 12:40roma45robbie carrobie
Congratulations to 2013 Clan Champions2809 Mar '14 20:14mghrn55Wycombe Al
The Dao of Pooh108 Mar '14 20:23huckleberryhoundhuckleberryhound
knights of the round table clan recrutment206 Mar '14 00:09MUNGAAshortcircuit
Need members226 Feb '14 10:32sundown316Mctayto
glass ceiling526 Feb '14 10:30Rene PogelMctayto
Red Hot Rebels Recruiting225 Feb '14 21:00Rhymestersundown316
Truth Revealed - Clan Admits Antics4620 Feb '14 05:01coquetteChessPraxis
radioactive69's sandbagginess2811 Feb '14 17:37robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
How long does Macroman take....5109 Feb '14 09:44robbie carrobieroma45
Clann banner graphics4831 Jan '14 09:54robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
knock on wood17223 Jan '14 17:38robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Recruiting for THE FUBARS...312 Jan '14 01:29mochironChessPraxis
Denmark, our clan is recruiting.506 Jan '14 04:09jtamKewpie
Artistry recruting202 Jan '14 13:50Johannes GoethePonderable
Clan deletion2616 Dec '13 00:04Vissavaldradioactive69
Recruiting For Clan of Christian Chess Players ...3211 Dec '13 07:20danioffradioactive69