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what has happened to the beer clan?1118 Apr '15 10:09robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Are you the real deal?2318 Apr '15 10:05Seitserobbie carrobie
Music! clan is recruiting716 Apr '15 23:01DukeOfEuphonyDukeOfEuphony
Something Must Be Done To Stop McTayto's Sandba...18214 Apr '15 15:14radioactive69radioactive69
Warning4614 Apr '15 15:02roma45radioactive69
Recruitment Notice: Guitar Alliance Clan314 Apr '15 01:58gregsflatChessPraxis
Warning!1809 Apr '15 21:35D4Vrobbie carrobie
What's happened to In Vino Veritas?8909 Apr '15 19:19divegeesterdivegeester
setting the record straight8403 Apr '15 17:47lemondropst dominics preview
Say hello601 Apr '15 11:35Patel12radioactive69
Standings net points> error731 Mar '15 08:46gregsflatradioactive69
The Squirrels are back in action5929 Mar '15 20:44lemondroprobbie carrobie
Experienced clan KPK looking for new enthusiast127 Mar '15 21:20junnujannujunnujannu
CLANS, what are they good for....11926 Mar '15 16:26lemondropHopster
how mhgoober45 sags his rating down from 1900 t...3023 Mar '15 17:03robbie carrobieBobla45
Challenges723 Mar '15 06:38Smiffylemondrop
Games with provisional players1520 Mar '15 00:42divegeesterlemondrop
open for challenges415 Mar '15 15:45Wycombe Alshortcircuit
Do you have a silly name? Welcome aboard!1015 Mar '15 00:44BaronVonChickenpantsWycombe Al
St. Johnstone8410 Mar '15 16:12Mctaytorobbie carrobie
Wycombe Wanderers Looking for Members5408 Mar '15 08:36krieger9divegeester
2nd call for members305 Mar '15 15:59sundown316sundown316
Kathmandu and the Last Place Clan is busted15304 Mar '15 21:48shortcircuitrobbie carrobie
Big challenge 10 man plus.1403 Mar '15 20:21SmiffySmiffy
KATHMANDU is looking for clan leaders4602 Mar '15 14:33kathmandu1robbie carrobie
Anyone up for it?10227 Feb '15 13:15Wycombe AlWycombe Al
robbie carrobie1521 Feb '15 17:24roma45divegeester
zeppelin7719 Feb '15 16:02kathmandu1radioactive69
Clan of the lone wolf619 Feb '15 06:56kathmandu1kathmandu1
Clan@@@Chessfriends@@@718 Feb '15 15:32hombrejorgerobbie carrobie