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Recruiting for In Vino Veritas #7535202 Oct '14 05:17widgetshavixmir
Calling out radioactive6929730 Sep '14 15:51shavixmirshortcircuit
I am just gonna come out and say it2929 Sep '14 19:12robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Christians4928 Sep '14 08:53MontyMoosedivegeester
Zombie chess club526 Sep '14 18:57SmiffySmiffy
Clan league season starts122 Sep '14 17:11RussRuss
The Masters of Zen82722 Sep '14 10:10robbie carrobieradioactive69
the good old days...716 Sep '14 08:22Wycombe AlAmsterdamn
Pale Yellow Star Clan!313 Sep '14 00:00patrickrutgerspatrickrutgers
You gotta be kidding me!!2712 Sep '14 19:37divegeesterdivegeester
wow3508 Sep '14 20:58robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
joining the free agent market12806 Sep '14 04:34lemondropradioactive69
squirrels gone wild5606 Sep '14 01:27lemondropradioactive69
repent1206 Sep '14 01:19lemondropradioactive69
st.johnstone, where art thou1106 Sep '14 01:18lemondropradioactive69
you win radioactive696606 Sep '14 00:33lemondroplemondrop
Free Agent15606 Sep '14 00:30King Tigerlemondrop
squirrels still strong7806 Sep '14 00:28lemondroplemondrop
the malingerer55 attack105 Sep '14 10:03robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
what happened to the squirrels???4904 Sep '14 19:04roma45lemondrop
dutch clan528 Aug '14 01:04amblessadorMontyMoose
Metallica3427 Aug '14 09:28robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
an apology423 Aug '14 23:18lemondroproma45
Approaching 1002122 Aug '14 00:10vendalemondrop
Beer Clan climbs to 4th!!32921 Aug '14 12:18radioactive69robbie carrobie
Clan Leagues520 Aug '14 23:17Joseph PalmerJoseph Palmer
House of beer, slippery slope1420 Aug '14 21:20robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Recruiting for the Flying Aces220 Aug '14 05:10Joseph Palmershortcircuit
Recruiting for my Clan720 Aug '14 05:09Joseph Palmershortcircuit
Members wanted please219 Aug '14 08:09neil666lemondrop