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Yemen and Obama827 Mar '15 17:05whodeyZahlanzi
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Obama and Iran4627 Mar '15 09:22whodeyfinnegan
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Message from J Street2727 Mar '15 02:10sh76Duchess64
Can the justice system be trusted with the deat...3826 Mar '15 22:25SleepyguyZahlanzi
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The modern day NAZI BENJAMIN NETANYAHU elected ...2526 Mar '15 11:01killsironstormfinnegan
Successful state run enterprise4926 Mar '15 10:05finneganfinnegan
Ridicule is the only way to deal with the Anti-...8226 Mar '15 09:35ZahlanziZahlanzi
In case you want to vote Chris Christie, don't3126 Mar '15 09:32ZahlanziZahlanzi
Mandatory voting in the U.S.5026 Mar '15 06:38wittywonkaKazetNagorra
John Stewart on Fox and Ferguson5226 Mar '15 02:58vivifyRJHinds
Talking racism with cusomers5526 Mar '15 01:10whodeynormbenign
Minorities deserve safe place in America226 Mar '15 00:21FishHead111normbenign
Firing squad3124 Mar '15 16:19RBHILLnormbenign
GOP letter to Iran5523 Mar '15 08:58Metal Brainfinnegan
Ditching the plug in drug523 Mar '15 05:46bill718twhitehead
Should We Bring Back Corporal Punishment In Sch...14923 Mar '15 00:29FishHead111normbenign
Effective Depression Therapy421 Mar '15 10:29RBHILLbill718
Corperations create poverty10720 Mar '15 23:58jimmacDuchess64
Israels occupation of Palestine8320 Mar '15 18:02killsironstormShallow Blue
Where is the.......520 Mar '15 12:10whodeyGhost of a Duke
Attack in Tunisia819 Mar '15 20:14whodeysh76
Assault on Declaration of Independence5219 Mar '15 12:48whodeyno1marauder