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U.S. taxpayers funding oil companies5420 May '15 18:05vivifynormbenign
If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears ...620 May '15 08:13JS357Ponderable
Shepard Smith and Fox News619 May '15 02:40vivifyRJHinds
Girl tweets about being drunk, kills two3218 May '15 16:05vivifyCalJust
Charles Murray and the Madison Fund918 May '15 13:59whodeyKazetNagorra
No Comments On Baltimore Burning?10716 May '15 01:57FishHead111normbenign
lets take a look a black cops1516 May '15 00:21thomasglassnormbenign
I thought Obama...2216 May '15 00:14bill718normbenign
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"A well regulated militia"12513 May '15 00:45JS357normbenign
6 Baltimore Police Officers Face Criminal Charg...13213 May '15 00:35RJHindsnormbenign
Let's take an honest look at blacks and cops25012 May '15 18:26vivifynormbenign
Best way to get rid of the monarchy in the U.K.4411 May '15 20:01SeitseDuchess64
40 minutes of incredible wisdom210 May '15 18:23FishHead111Shallow Blue
Let's take a look at black ops?310 May '15 16:52AThousandYoungvivify
Otherzations2310 May '15 02:17whodeynormbenign
Two Black Men Gunned Down in Texas1308 May '15 09:53Eladarsonhouse
The Lies Behind Austerity4007 May '15 23:33finneganjimmac
Interesting Development2006 May '15 21:54techsouthZahlanzi
Smartest Man On Earth306 May '15 21:23FishHead111normbenign
Chris Wallace interview706 May '15 14:16whodeytechsouth