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Statism fails5524 Apr '14 00:07whodeyJS357
Obama's Real Change: Destroying the Middle Clas...1723 Apr '14 23:46Eladarfinnegan
Scalia says students should revolt if taxes get...3223 Apr '14 23:09whodeynormbenign
Obama Newspeak2123 Apr '14 22:45finnegannormbenign
A world without capitalism4723 Apr '14 22:43vivifynormbenign
USA really is an oligarchy4023 Apr '14 22:04robbie carrobieDuchess64
SCOTUS shoots down Affirmative Action, finally2023 Apr '14 21:38normbenignnormbenign
GOP is losing the healthcare battle7522 Apr '14 22:53bill718finnegan
Capitalism fails9822 Apr '14 22:49finneganfinnegan
IMF, Ukraine and Ireland3422 Apr '14 22:27robbie carrobiefinnegan
Sebelius: Milking the Federal Cow322 Apr '14 18:13EladarEladar
Obamacare Coverage- Nobody Knows3722 Apr '14 17:31Eladarnormbenign
US Troops in Afghanistan222 Apr '14 13:02Metal Brainwhodey
Federal land, is there a limit?14121 Apr '14 22:35Eladarnormbenign
My Adventure with the ACA26121 Apr '14 21:55caissad4normbenign
Unions Threaten War With Dems Over Keystone XL320 Apr '14 16:18sasquatch672sasquatch672
America is not the greatest country in the worl...15518 Apr '14 19:55ZahlanziEladar
USA Culture Wars - Tipping Point?3718 Apr '14 19:13JS357normbenign
Saint Bloomberg717 Apr '14 14:17whodeywhodey
Irony in Ukraine2016 Apr '14 20:19no1marauderSoothfast
The Problem with UWV416 Apr '14 20:08EladarEladar
Harry Reid's personal Army- BLM416 Apr '14 19:25Eladarwhodey
Should UK members of parliament face jail316 Apr '14 18:08redbaronsKazetNagorra
Obama's chilling effect316 Apr '14 02:44whodeywhodey
"An Insurance Company With An Army"2316 Apr '14 01:29Grampy Bobbynormbenign
Irish leader pays homage16015 Apr '14 21:28AThousandYoungfinnegan
Oscar H.315 Apr '14 20:22RBHILLDuchess64
Number of uninsured people dropping2315 Apr '14 20:16bill718normbenign
April 15th815 Apr '14 03:11whodeybill718
Missing Malaysian Airliner8014 Apr '14 17:52steve45normbenign