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Discipline and Child Abuse5520 Sep '14 04:00RJHindsGrampy Bobby
Independent Scotland15320 Sep '14 02:43Pianoman1whodey
When Playing Chess Became A Crime3520 Sep '14 01:56RJHindsutherpendragon
Obama's speech on ISIS2220 Sep '14 01:45whodeynormbenign
When is it justified to go to war?3120 Sep '14 00:07shavixmirSoothfast
Still think racism doesn't exist?1019 Sep '14 23:38vivifynormbenign
Aafia Siddiqui1319 Sep '14 23:29Duchess64normbenign
France bombs Iraq1119 Sep '14 22:46Metal BrainDeepThought
5 Things I Saw as a 9/11 First Responder3919 Sep '14 18:46Zahlanzinormbenign
Syrian rebels, ISIL non-aggression pact419 Sep '14 12:20Metal BrainMetal Brain
The Reykjavik Police Have An Instagram Full Of ...119 Sep '14 11:47ZahlanziZahlanzi
Senate votes to give arms to Syrian rebels119 Sep '14 03:15whodeywhodey
BBC bias17619 Sep '14 01:52PacManDeepThought
Divorce Issue1218 Sep '14 19:03JS357Duchess64
Fake beheadings19918 Sep '14 16:53Metal BrainAThousandYoung
Quotes on Politics and World Affairs117 Sep '14 21:35Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Help with the budget1416 Sep '14 20:32bill718normbenign
Another Black Race Problem4616 Sep '14 19:14RJHindsnormbenign
Double Standard Against the Strong4315 Sep '14 08:10EladarZahlanzi
Arab Nations Offer to Conduct Airstrikes Agains...715 Sep '14 00:37PhrannyDuchess64
US Air Force Sergeant Barred From Re-Enlisting ...5315 Sep '14 00:17Duchess64Hugh Glass
The Empire declares war…again...4914 Sep '14 23:36SoothfastDuchess64
ISIL is driving down oil prices514 Sep '14 00:17Metal BrainMetal Brain
Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS)1813 Sep '14 17:33Metal BrainAThousandYoung
Free Syrian Army and Foley413 Sep '14 13:24Metal BrainMetal Brain
Ian Paisley dies.913 Sep '14 08:41shavixmirwolfgang59
Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism6012 Sep '14 22:09Duchess64normbenign
Phobias612 Sep '14 21:38RBHILLnormbenign
Some Israelis Refuse to Keep Oppressing Palesti...112 Sep '14 21:15Duchess64Duchess64
Your Tax Dollars at Work1512 Sep '14 08:29WajomaWajoma