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What penalty for street racer's killing of jogg...1630 Jan '15 14:22JS357sh76
New Books on US Abuses at Guantanamo1030 Jan '15 09:04Duchess64twhitehead
Should Greece now leave the EC?3930 Jan '15 09:03OdBodtwhitehead
GOP gives Obama unlimited power130 Jan '15 04:02whodeywhodey
CBO claims Unsustainable Debt3430 Jan '15 03:27EladarEladar
Fox news about Europe Caliphate4429 Jan '15 21:38Zahlanzirobbie carrobie
Heart Health Correlated to On-Line Attitudes?229 Jan '15 18:47JS357DeepThought
How to end Progressivism1429 Jan '15 04:34whodeyWajoma
Weather reporting3328 Jan '15 23:24sh76Eladar
The Palestinian People928 Jan '15 19:21Seitsewolfgang59
North Korean Russian invitation.128 Jan '15 19:21OdBodOdBod
David Gregory and guns428 Jan '15 02:38Metal BrainDeepThought
Congress giving Power to the President7828 Jan '15 00:50Eladarwhodey
Palin wants to be President in 20161528 Jan '15 00:36blunderdogwhodey
Trans-Pacific Partnership427 Jan '15 16:55Phrannynormbenign
Will Bernie Sanders run for President?1927 Jan '15 16:44sh76normbenign
Free speech in France?7227 Jan '15 09:27sh76Wajoma
SCOTUS to take up same-sex marriage issue5726 Jan '15 23:28no1marauderJS357
SOTU - very solid effort2026 Jan '15 14:03sh76whodey
When is it okay to hit a woman?5325 Jan '15 21:47vivifyredbadger
Say something good about Christians7525 Jan '15 20:30wolfgang59Duchess64
Say something good about Muslims7225 Jan '15 19:25whodeyredbadger
Mayor of Minneapolis takes picture with thug1625 Jan '15 18:46Zahlanzish76
Saudi King dead1025 Jan '15 14:11AThousandYoungredbadger
What Eladar does in his spare time.....7125 Jan '15 12:16Rank outsiderShallow Blue
The Middle Class4124 Jan '15 19:27JS357normbenign
British scroungers in EU???2824 Jan '15 11:38finneganShallow Blue
Has America Gone Crazy? - Salon Article6924 Jan '15 01:41JS357normbenign
Is the ACLU good for America421 Jan '15 14:12JS357sh76
How much debt is too much debt?4521 Jan '15 09:28whodeykmax87