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Liberalism vs. Leftism1330 Jul '15 09:14whodeyZahlanzi
Mandatory minimum sentences829 Jul '15 05:46ZahlanziKazetNagorra
Obama Not Ordered Flags To Half-staff2429 Jul '15 02:53RJHindsRJHinds
Obama is still the Great Satan!!!3929 Jul '15 02:25whodeyRJHinds
Cops beat a man for stealing pizza1829 Jul '15 00:36vivifynormbenign
Ted Cruz: Mitch McConnell is a cronyist liar2829 Jul '15 00:26Sleepyguynormbenign
Vive la Difference?1729 Jul '15 00:17Duchess64normbenign
Pope's approval numbers wane1928 Jul '15 12:41whodeyKazetNagorra
White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter3827 Jul '15 19:06RJHindsRJHinds
Poker vs. Chess in Arizona (Not Unlawful?)6227 Jul '15 13:08BobbyCorvinikquinn909
US Abortions: Demographics11226 Jul '15 20:23EladarEladar
Y2K Problem1625 Jul '15 05:11techsouthwolfgang59
Anti-Authority, or Mentally Ill?1425 Jul '15 02:51JS357Soothfast
The troll unmasked2024 Jul '15 22:42whodeyRJHinds
Greece15324 Jul '15 19:19EladarEladar
Say no to a carbon tax!5924 Jul '15 17:13Metal Braintwhitehead
Do people become more prejudiced as they grow o...2423 Jul '15 21:51KazetNagorraEladar
Obama Not Ordered Flags To Half-staff7123 Jul '15 06:19RJHindsKazetNagorra
Using marriage as a weapon10523 Jul '15 06:16whodeytwhitehead
Obama Pardons 46 drug offenders1022 Jul '15 03:37RJHindsRJHinds
Planned Parenthood harvests organs?16721 Jul '15 18:09whodeyEladar
Ashley madison1721 Jul '15 18:03Zahlanzitwhitehead