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African American3301 Sep '14 07:32RBHILLwolfgang59
BDS Slings More Mud At Israel5701 Sep '14 07:25RJHindsRJHinds
Obama out of his depth3301 Sep '14 06:49Pianoman1kmax87
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How to speak to a rightist701 Sep '14 05:58shavixmirSoothfast
Asking for help while black: How it became a ca...1601 Sep '14 05:21ZahlanziRJHinds
Geography, Ignorance, and Bias14801 Sep '14 05:01Duchess64RJHinds
Air travel in Venezuela601 Sep '14 04:58sh76AThousandYoung
Hidden history of corporations901 Sep '14 04:51whodeyRJHinds
What Black Parents Tell Their Sons About the Po...3401 Sep '14 04:08ZahlanziRJHinds
Israel destroys apartment tower8201 Sep '14 04:03Metal BrainRJHinds
Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism4601 Sep '14 03:28Duchess64RJHinds
Did Vlad the Impaler save Western culture?2031 Aug '14 21:44whodeyAThousandYoung
"Putin denies invading Ukraine warns West... "831 Aug '14 06:19Grampy BobbyRJHinds
Churchill's View of Hitler2531 Aug '14 02:07Duchess64sh76
Eglish ISIS fighters6130 Aug '14 23:17whodeyfinnegan
How to speak to a leftist1630 Aug '14 19:35RBHILLRJHinds
Israel to invade Gaza?69930 Aug '14 18:50Metal BrainRJHinds
Climate Change: Yeah Not So Much8030 Aug '14 11:04sasquatch672finnegan
Be honest630 Aug '14 10:51whodeythaughbaer
Independent Scotland3129 Aug '14 13:54Pianoman1redbadger
Do spiders masturbate?1329 Aug '14 10:49mikelominvigorate
Start of USA/Britain Special Relationship3029 Aug '14 02:09Metal Brainnormbenign
"Which of these twenty three political ideologi...2629 Aug '14 01:59Grampy Bobbynormbenign
Arizona gun death6629 Aug '14 01:54Rank outsiderwhodey
Farm owners sued for not allowing gay marriage16229 Aug '14 00:24whodeynormbenign
To what extent is the US responsible for IS?5628 Aug '14 03:48invigorateRJHinds
Robin Williams had Parkinsons12427 Aug '14 06:55whodeyGreat King Rat
Ferguson And The Bundy Ranch12627 Aug '14 02:55sasquatch672RJHinds
Christians Persecution By Islam2727 Aug '14 02:35RJHindsRJHinds