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Gender Equality14630 Sep '14 21:14SuzianneDuchess64
More climate change propaganda8430 Sep '14 20:25whodeywhodey
Deadline for Israeli Withdrawal2230 Sep '14 19:04finneganAThousandYoung
Privacy in the US2430 Sep '14 17:33twhiteheadrobbie carrobie
Black man in Oklahoma beheads woman3330 Sep '14 15:52whodeyAThousandYoung
ObamaCare enrollments to save hospitals $5.7B4530 Sep '14 10:34ZahlanziZahlanzi
US crack/cocaine sentencing laws1330 Sep '14 09:04ZahlanziZahlanzi
5 Terrifying Things I Learned While Buying Guns...2430 Sep '14 08:59ZahlanziZahlanzi
The Reykjavik Police Have An Instagram Full Of ...1530 Sep '14 01:10ZahlanziEladar
Jihad's Fatal Attraction (article)129 Sep '14 23:51Duchess64Duchess64
Opposition to Obama's (Latest) War3829 Sep '14 22:09no1marauderno1marauder
What if GOP took over?1629 Sep '14 13:20whodeyKazetNagorra
Eric Holder the next Supreme Court Justice529 Sep '14 11:14moon1969whodey
Quotes on Politics and World Affairs2028 Sep '14 10:53Grampy Bobbyfinnegan
Obama's speech on ISIS2528 Sep '14 04:03whodeyAThousandYoung
Still think racism doesn't exist?2528 Sep '14 03:50vivifyHugh Glass
Where are the questions for Obama?2128 Sep '14 03:48Metal BrainHugh Glass
When Playing Chess Became A Crime6027 Sep '14 20:13RJHindsDuchess64
5 Things I Saw as a 9/11 First Responder10927 Sep '14 18:32ZahlanziAThousandYoung
When is it justified to go to war?3527 Sep '14 16:22shavixmirKazetNagorra
Discipline and Child Abuse9127 Sep '14 05:42RJHindsshavixmir
Help with the budget2127 Sep '14 00:40bill718Hugh Glass
Over reach of government?1426 Sep '14 23:40Hugh GlassHugh Glass
Arab Nations Offer to Conduct Airstrikes Agains...1026 Sep '14 23:32PhrannyHugh Glass
Eric Holder resigns526 Sep '14 23:29whodeyHugh Glass
Fake beheadings20526 Sep '14 23:19Metal BrainMetal Brain
US Ties Itself in Legal Knots to Cover Shifting...724 Sep '14 21:28Duchess64Hugh Glass
British Monarchy Power2824 Sep '14 19:30Metal BrainJS357
Karzai slams U.S., Pakistan in farewell speech424 Sep '14 04:25Metal BrainMetal Brain
France bombs Iraq1823 Sep '14 10:29Metal Brainredbadger