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What Do You Think Of This ?102 Mar '15 23:38FishHead111FishHead111
A "just" kill... OK Game is on.1202 Mar '15 22:55Hugh GlassFishHead111
SCOTUS to upend state redistricting laws?102 Mar '15 22:41JS357JS357
U.S Progressive vs. Nazi3102 Mar '15 19:59whodeyfinnegan
Money taxation is not theft11102 Mar '15 19:58ZahlanziKazetNagorra
Which Is Better, 9mm or .45 ?5902 Mar '15 16:49FishHead111DeepThought
History of Islam3602 Mar '15 15:44RBHILLno1marauder
Truth about Aisha and Mohammed17802 Mar '15 15:34finneganfinnegan
Government creeping into retirement accounts402 Mar '15 11:31whodeywhodey
The Face of the Jihadists2102 Mar '15 10:35Eladarfinnegan
The Largest private army in the world...2002 Mar '15 08:53Hugh GlassZahlanzi
Got Me A New Handgun502 Mar '15 08:26FishHead111twhitehead
I Hate You Guys301 Mar '15 23:38FishHead111finnegan
Netanyahu's little exaggeration2201 Mar '15 17:03shavixmirShallow Blue
Our new American sport5301 Mar '15 16:29Hugh GlassAThousandYoung
Feds raid sessionist meeeting1201 Mar '15 16:24whodeyAThousandYoung
The administrative state801 Mar '15 16:18whodeyZahlanzi
Black youth murdered by Illegal thug released f...3701 Mar '15 05:15Hugh GlassHugh Glass
US guns fuel gun violence in Mexico1801 Mar '15 03:28ZahlanziHugh Glass
If you like your internet.......828 Feb '15 16:40whodeywhodey
Clush 2016228 Feb '15 16:34whodeywhodey
If America is in decline, who is best to lead i...4928 Feb '15 04:32stevemccAThousandYoung
Well said Mr. Walker1427 Feb '15 21:00Hugh Glassno1marauder
U.S. Presidential Liars - Pick A Winner3427 Feb '15 15:24QuarlRJHinds
Anti-Semitism increasing in colleges in US527 Feb '15 11:05whodey044hnoor
what happened to communism?4127 Feb '15 08:15robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Executive Power under Obama2427 Feb '15 04:19no1marauderHugh Glass
Take the US tax quiz1026 Feb '15 22:01whodeywhodey
8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate Abou...10926 Feb '15 01:27Zahlanzistevemcc
Death battle2225 Feb '15 22:19vivifyProper Knob