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My statement on Israel-Gaza as of 7/305602 Aug '14 05:41sh76RJHinds
If We Can Have Just War, Why Not Just Terroris...9402 Aug '14 01:50Duchess64sasquatch672
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Ebola brought to the US2002 Aug '14 00:58EladarDeepThought
Archie Bunker on Democrats202 Aug '14 00:23JS357Krod Mandoon
There is no such thing as Palestine3101 Aug '14 22:20Seitsewolfgang59
Suburban sprawl4201 Aug '14 21:27sh76twhitehead
Trade Unionism1601 Aug '14 20:36CalJusttwhitehead
Weak Democrats vs Divided Republicans501 Aug '14 15:23bill718Eladar
Michael Moore gets divorced5401 Aug '14 12:47whodeyrobbie carrobie
Booby trapped U.N. buildings serving the terror...1001 Aug '14 09:58Seitsefinnegan
At least 160 children died digging tunnels for ...7201 Aug '14 08:27Seitserobbie carrobie
Can the Republicans take the US Senate?2201 Aug '14 02:16sh76Eladar
Isis231 Jul '14 06:11sh76bill718
Israel to invade Gaza?48630 Jul '14 22:31Metal Brainfinnegan
Shocking video about the REAL situation in Gaza12930 Jul '14 21:21Seitsefinnegan
Should Turkish women laugh?130 Jul '14 13:12sh76sh76
IRS and athiests targeting churches now630 Jul '14 11:07whodeyGreat King Rat
Best and Worst US Political TV Personalities2530 Jul '14 07:03Grampy BobbyRJHinds
Incest OK?21930 Jul '14 06:01Eladarstellspalfie
Israeli Professor Advocates Raping Palestinian ...1430 Jul '14 01:38Duchess64RJHinds
Why Abortion Should be Legal, Safe, But Not Nec...14229 Jul '14 16:36Duchess64RJHinds
How Obama Changed America: making us Poorer4429 Jul '14 16:22EladarEladar
What gun control measures would you support?4729 Jul '14 02:06Zahlanzisasquatch672
An open letter to Khalil from Gaza228 Jul '14 17:10Seitsenormbenign
John Boehner threatens to sue Obama727 Jul '14 17:56whodeywhodey
UN and Obama turn their backs on Libya1627 Jul '14 14:40whodeyMetal Brain
Should gay people be forced to bake us all a ca...1327 Jul '14 14:04whodeyredbadger
Ebola Virus727 Jul '14 07:57Krod Mandoonredbadger
UN Attacks Irish Abortion Rules (article)2326 Jul '14 14:34Duchess64KazetNagorra