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Geography, Ignorance, and Bias3923 Aug '14 08:54Duchess64twhitehead
To what extent is the US responsible for IS?1823 Aug '14 08:14invigoraterobbie carrobie
"Which of these twenty three political ideologi...1823 Aug '14 07:51Grampy BobbyKazetNagorra
Climate Change: Yeah Not So Much4523 Aug '14 04:13sasquatch672Eladar
Another Obamacare lie goes down1223 Aug '14 01:05bill718whodey
Islamist nutjobs now persecute Christians...2623 Aug '14 00:06SeitseDeepThought
Why Businesses Shouldn't open in Black Communit...1523 Aug '14 00:06EladarDuchess64
Ferguson And The Bundy Ranch10123 Aug '14 00:04sasquatch672normbenign
Israel - Palestine: Who's Wrong?13722 Aug '14 22:49vivifyDuchess64
Robin Williams had Parkinsons8022 Aug '14 14:15whodeyKazetNagorra
Thoughts on this video622 Aug '14 13:47King TigerSleepyguy
Road to Serfdom4622 Aug '14 03:37whodeyGrampy Bobby
Michael Moore gets divorced7021 Aug '14 22:32whodeyAThousandYoung
ok, First time I read this was today,, why?1221 Aug '14 06:15Hugh GlassRJHinds
Europe needs another revolution1821 Aug '14 01:36whodeyDuchess64
Pregnant Suicidal Rape Victim Fought Ireland's ...220 Aug '14 18:45Duchess64Duchess64
End of Ukraine and/or WWIII?2119 Aug '14 22:06Eladarwolfgang59
UK's future2619 Aug '14 21:58EladarDuchess64
My experience yesterday13919 Aug '14 03:45sh76Hugh Glass
You have zero impact on US policy1219 Aug '14 01:06whodeywolfgang59
Will bombing of Islamic state work?3019 Aug '14 00:20robbie carrobiefinnegan
Outrage & Silence1718 Aug '14 04:07Seitsesasquatch672
Obamacare Coverage- Nobody Knows7917 Aug '14 19:52EladarRJHinds
Start of USA/Britain Special Relationship2317 Aug '14 19:48Metal BrainMetal Brain
Out of the Carnage of Gaza a New Spirit: We are...3617 Aug '14 19:27Duchess64RJHinds
Woman Wins Field Medal2117 Aug '14 19:13finneganDuchess64
US Tax payer money at work2117 Aug '14 13:58Eladarfinnegan
Israel to invade Gaza?61616 Aug '14 09:59Metal Brainfinnegan
Biden on partition of Iraq1015 Aug '14 21:55Metal BrainAThousandYoung
Rise of the Kurds1615 Aug '14 02:03Metal BrainDuchess64