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Gun Murders on Live American Television1928 Aug '15 04:40Duchess64shavixmir
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Why the GOP has trouble winning1728 Aug '15 02:00bill718RJHinds
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Rome's Past Comparison to the United States5527 Aug '15 22:17KingOnPointAThousandYoung
Calling out sh76!!4627 Aug '15 21:58whodeyRJHinds
India ranks 2nd to last in education8327 Aug '15 19:49vivifynormbenign
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Remember This?327 Aug '15 10:17FishHead111RJHinds
GOP loyalty oath?727 Aug '15 09:36whodeyRJHinds
Captain Beefheart Fans Out There?526 Aug '15 04:10FishHead111RJHinds
Hillary turns over e mail server5426 Aug '15 03:51bill718whodey
I may stay home2426 Aug '15 02:39bill718Duchess64
Barking dogs.1225 Aug '15 16:54chaney3normbenign
Does hook up culture leads to more rapes?12725 Aug '15 02:41sh76AThousandYoung
"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...56724 Aug '15 21:43Duchess64RJHinds
Bill Maher is afraid of Black Lives Matter624 Aug '15 18:07whodeywhodey
Trump's immigation policy4724 Aug '15 18:04Sleepyguywhodey
Is this the crash?2124 Aug '15 14:22whodeywhodey
Chinese Entrepeneurs in Egypt3723 Aug '15 17:20Duchess64AThousandYoung
The Obama Deception423 Aug '15 15:08RJHindsPhranny
US military is going to pot1523 Aug '15 15:02whodeyShallow Blue
Obamacare and abortion3023 Aug '15 14:49whodeywhodey
Dr Ben Carson2222 Aug '15 12:20RJHindswhodey
It's Only Sexist When Men Do It12122 Aug '15 06:35vivifyjimmac