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Debates Forum

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Only in America3628 Apr '15 15:55bill718normbenign
Nigel Short on Female Inferiority in Chess12628 Apr '15 15:44Duchess64normbenign
UK Elections328 Apr '15 15:42SleepyguyRank outsider
Obama trade deal528 Apr '15 14:51whodeyhenjutsu
Rape victims must fight their rapists for custo...8628 Apr '15 08:25ZahlanziZahlanzi
Obama stance on Armenian genocide2228 Apr '15 05:36whodeyKazetNagorra
Is Mugabe A Racist?8927 Apr '15 23:19FishHead111AThousandYoung
Won't you give to the Clinton Foundation?627 Apr '15 17:09whodeytwhitehead
Another look at Kansas gun bill1826 Apr '15 23:31ZahlanziZahlanzi
Happy Independence Day, Israel!1526 Apr '15 16:37SeitseAThousandYoung
We only have 15 more hears to live!2225 Apr '15 22:42whodeyjimmac
Hillary for America14725 Apr '15 15:24Suziannewhodey
"A well regulated militia"10425 Apr '15 05:41JS357no1marauder
Defensive Missiles3823 Apr '15 23:37AThousandYoungDuchess64
Ready for the 49th anniversary celebration?3323 Apr '15 21:37SeitseSuzianne
Drought in California4123 Apr '15 19:22whodeytwhitehead
Anyone here who's not white?4122 Apr '15 22:35vivifyEladar
Capitalism3521 Apr '15 16:45JS357normbenign
Japan vs the Islamic state5921 Apr '15 16:43Zahlanzinormbenign
Refugees from Libya621 Apr '15 15:36whodeynormbenign
April 15th, Progressive day!!1120 Apr '15 10:47whodeywhodey
Cop shot fleeting unarmed black man in the back11419 Apr '15 02:39vivifyjoe beyser
Performance and Preference in American Capitali...8718 Apr '15 00:23Duchess64st dominics preview
Black made to make cake for KKK16518 Apr '15 00:11whodeyZahlanzi
Does This Describe YOU?217 Apr '15 12:05FishHead111Ponderable
John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden717 Apr '15 11:25Zahlanzirobbie carrobie
Protester disrupts European Central Bank416 Apr '15 17:35Metal Braintwhitehead
Progressive privilege2116 Apr '15 11:42whodeywhodey
Latino privilege is...1416 Apr '15 08:31Seitserobbie carrobie
White privilege is...4815 Apr '15 12:29Zahlanzitwhitehead