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Debates Forum

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What is the greatest nation on earth?2505 Jul '15 07:30vivifyKazetNagorra
Wedding cake saga comes to an end4105 Jul '15 06:21whodeyGreat King Rat
What is worse, the Confederate flag or....23205 Jul '15 05:32whodeyJS357
Donald Trump for president?3705 Jul '15 03:46C HessRJHinds
Got to suck beeing an American22805 Jul '15 03:35redbadgerRJHinds
Women won't see equal pay until 20589905 Jul '15 02:49Zahlanzish76
Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood305 Jul '15 01:24RJHindsRJHinds
US Supreme Court invalidates all gay marriage b...12204 Jul '15 23:52sh76RJHinds
Bernie Sanders for President?1004 Jul '15 21:21RJHindsRJHinds
Schools in US implant IUDs3204 Jul '15 20:35Eladarfinnegan
Greece9604 Jul '15 14:03Eladarvistesd
What should Progs ban next?2804 Jul '15 11:32whodeywhodey
Gift Tax1904 Jul '15 06:56JS357KazetNagorra
Ignorance, the real problem facing the U.S.1403 Jul '15 08:45PhrannyRJHinds
Nathan Collier, whodey's hero3102 Jul '15 23:50sh76sh76
Turn the tables a bit17902 Jul '15 19:19AppleChessEladar
Church members gunned down36301 Jul '15 19:39whodeyfinnegan
State Sovereignty?1301 Jul '15 09:53JS357twhitehead
Politically Incorrect Science26430 Jun '15 21:59EladarEladar
Bill O'Reilly declares war!1830 Jun '15 21:42bill718RJHinds
Race Relations in the U.S.5330 Jun '15 06:12King TigerKing Tiger
The ACA is here to stay3428 Jun '15 19:59bill718RJHinds
"Asian" sex slaves1728 Jun '15 14:46whodeyKazetNagorra
Poker vs. Chess in Arizona (Not Unlawful?)6028 Jun '15 13:45BobbyCorviniBobbyCorvini
Newspaper shuts down free speech3828 Jun '15 12:18EladarZahlanzi
10th Amendment8027 Jun '15 18:52whodeyno1marauder
Ted Cruz is a sell out1326 Jun '15 14:31whodeyRJHinds
Duchess trolling on the science forum426 Jun '15 08:00Metal BrainZahlanzi
The Third Reich's Black Soldiers2526 Jun '15 02:15Duchess64Duchess64
Rand Paul's Flat Tax Plan4325 Jun '15 20:47no1maraudernormbenign