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Circumcision on the eighth day6605 Oct '14 13:58RBHILLC Hess
The Candle!305 Oct '14 11:36667joeFMF
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Freedom of expression2405 Oct '14 09:12RBHILLFMF
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Abrahamic scripture if 'UFOs are real'?3602 Oct '14 06:39FMFRJHinds
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Jehovahs Witness and cabbages4529 Sep '14 11:37robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
The Universal Bright Woman26429 Sep '14 04:04sonshipPudgenik
Napoleon826 Sep '14 18:18RBHILLRajk999
Kiva4425 Sep '14 02:10wolfgang59Pudgenik
This is old2424 Sep '14 22:24RBHILLDeepThought
RJHinds and the principle of antichrist16924 Sep '14 08:15sonshipRJHinds
Prove Jesus Never Taught of Eternal Punishment9421 Sep '14 21:18sonshipsonship
Eye Glasses5121 Sep '14 20:25667joewolfgang59
Ignoring Christ & Accepting Sin3121 Sep '14 09:08Rajk999wolfgang59
"Eternal Torture" and deterrence7721 Sep '14 01:49FMFwolfgang59
Cat Stevens on tour!3420 Sep '14 23:45whodeysonhouse
Equal Rights!2019 Sep '14 19:17667joewhodey
"Eternal Torture" persuasion & genuine "love"11118 Sep '14 08:27FMFFMF
And They Overcame Him (4)1918 Sep '14 06:01BigDoggProblemRJHinds
Thoughts916 Sep '14 05:49RBHILLFMF
Who is more evil?6014 Sep '14 17:30AgergDeepThought
The Sprit and the Bride5613 Sep '14 07:24divegeestersonship
Ohhhhh Mr Atheist1513 Sep '14 06:30RBHILLsonhouse
A time, times, and half a time2112 Sep '14 19:58RJHindsRJHinds
And They Overcame Him (2)912 Sep '14 12:10sonshipsonship
And They Overcame Him (1)612 Sep '14 07:39sonshipsonship
And They Overcame Him (3)412 Sep '14 07:18sonshipsonship
God & Suffering211 Sep '14 21:23RBHILLcheckbaiter