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Integrity: Ours and God's2013 Jan '15 03:01Grampy BobbyFMF
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Christianity Without Division1812 Jan '15 15:04avalanchethecatwhodey
When believers marry atheists412 Jan '15 08:25FMFKewpie
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Kingdom of God vs. Kingdoms of the world4510 Jan '15 17:58whodeysonship
The Christian God's hatred of "sin"1510 Jan '15 05:39FMFFMF
What did the Christians here think of Exodus?409 Jan '15 22:21shavixmirSuzianne
"I Did It My Way"4009 Jan '15 15:28Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Which is better Fornication or Adultery5709 Jan '15 14:10wolfgang59sonship
Would the end of New York City gladden you?1709 Jan '15 02:50Paul Dirac IIGrampy Bobby
Catholic or Christian?2409 Jan '15 01:47RBHILLwolfgang59
Is Disfellowship Physically and Spiritually Nec...37108 Jan '15 23:34beaurobertsdivegeester
Faith no more.7508 Jan '15 18:42Dasasonship
Religious motivated hatred2808 Jan '15 18:27divegeesterRBHILL
God's ( Jehovah ) organization. Does he have on...7108 Jan '15 11:37galveston75Shallow Blue
Your 2015 Predictions4007 Jan '15 22:06josephwDeepThought
Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Mechanics7507 Jan '15 20:37no1marauderShallow Blue
Howard Hagashi's Testimony1307 Jan '15 19:30gswilmwolfgang59
Kelly's Humans and Dinosaurs.5607 Jan '15 05:41Proper KnobRJHinds
Peyton Manning3706 Jan '15 16:17RBHILLRBHILL
Philomena306 Jan '15 06:33wolfgang59carryonjutta
I have respect for this woman1505 Jan '15 19:35RBHILLBigDoggProblem
Awesome: Called by God at 5 years old!1205 Jan '15 19:06RBHILLShallow Blue
Sin25003 Jan '15 10:14Grampy Bobbywolfgang59
Divna Ljubojevic - Serbian Orthodox music302 Jan '15 14:52sonhousesonhouse
Prayer at a sporting event4302 Jan '15 12:52RBHILLRBHILL
What is reason why Obama does not attend church...9002 Jan '15 02:48whodeyDoward