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Bibles as a language learning resource1902 Apr '14 08:36FMFFMF
Words typed on a page802 Apr '14 03:38RBHILLRBHILL
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Got bread and cheese?6801 Apr '14 21:35Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
What if...?13101 Apr '14 21:06Lloyd E Adkinsrobbie carrobie
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Paradoxes, Are there Really Any?2731 Mar '14 07:02KingOnPointFabianFnas
Confirmation Bias2530 Mar '14 22:35FMFsonship
IS President Obama Preparing America For One Wo...2330 Mar '14 19:05KingOnPointfinnegan
Understanding God and All God Says3230 Mar '14 16:58KingOnPointKingOnPoint
Interacting with "Angry people"1930 Mar '14 12:13KellyJayFMF
Praying before and after sports events2930 Mar '14 09:50CalJustKellyJay
Evolution Verses God130 Mar '14 07:13RJHindsRJHinds
Thumbs Up & Down on the Spirituality Forum3130 Mar '14 05:12FMFFMF
Creation7229 Mar '14 23:33yoctobyteJS357
✴Jesus ✴12029 Mar '14 23:10menace71sonship
The PRINCIPLES of the OT Law were not wrong.14629 Mar '14 17:57twhiteheadsonship
Another OT law5129 Mar '14 15:53Zahlanzisonship
One Christian's understanding of atheism:5129 Mar '14 06:52Grampy BobbyFMF
My House4928 Mar '14 15:55FreakyKBHLemonJello
Snake handling8528 Mar '14 05:42RBHILLFabianFnas
Religion that God accepts2527 Mar '14 22:31RBHILLRJHinds
For sonship: On Childishness23327 Mar '14 20:40LemonJellowolfgang59