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Question for some Christians here8923 Aug '14 09:26whodeyFMF
Suicide and hell6623 Aug '14 08:39divegeesterdivegeester
No pre-tribulaion rapture12923 Aug '14 02:23RJHindsRJHinds
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Historical Accuracy Of The Bible1619 Aug '14 20:12RJHindsRJHinds
When in Rome7019 Aug '14 10:42josephwjosephw
Matthew 7:21-231617 Aug '14 08:53sonshipsonship
For Kelly.3817 Aug '14 06:07Proper KnobKellyJay
Ethics of Lying7715 Aug '14 16:23PatNovakRajk999
controversies within christianity7714 Aug '14 23:02JS357RJHinds
Somebody help me...60214 Aug '14 09:57divegeesterFMF
An Open Invitation to Answer One Question4413 Aug '14 13:36Grampy Bobbysonhouse
Leaving the OSAS camp3712 Aug '14 00:22Rajk999sonship
Sonship - Repentance is not Required. [What Mad...2311 Aug '14 15:03Rajk999sonship
Rajk999's Agenda8711 Aug '14 14:14sonshipcheckbaiter
What happens to god when mankind goes extinct?9511 Aug '14 11:33sonhousesonhouse
Evidence Noah's Flood Happened7711 Aug '14 11:31RJHindssonhouse
The Spirit was not yet ?5209 Aug '14 08:24sonshipsonship
Witness Lee's Local Church Cult14808 Aug '14 12:27RJHindssonship
On a visit to Cadder parish church3908 Aug '14 09:02robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
A god with some serious character flaws2507 Aug '14 11:45Rajk999sonhouse
Witness Lee Taught Finding Your spirit !1607 Aug '14 07:39sonshipsonship
What A Friend We Have In Jesus4806 Aug '14 18:54sonshipBigDoggProblem
Ohio state university quiz says atheists are sm...4506 Aug '14 16:54whodeysonhouse
Why do people think they have a soul?8306 Aug '14 11:42sonhousesonhouse
Why god says don't eat pigs?1906 Aug '14 00:12sonhousesonhouse
Ken Ham's answers...12505 Aug '14 23:55C HessPudgenik
Can beliefs change?3605 Aug '14 23:17wolfgang59Pudgenik
Who's the worst extremist?6605 Aug '14 23:07divegeesterPudgenik
Soft tissue on dinosaur fossil6705 Aug '14 12:10KellyJaysonhouse