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Is the science/theism dichotomy necessary?16312 Feb '15 02:39FMFFMF
Mind Of The Skeptic4612 Feb '15 00:11RJHindsRJHinds
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Science Debuked - The Earth is Actually FLAT!!!4010 Feb '15 05:01Trev33BigDoggProblem
Deuteronomy 201209 Feb '15 22:26RBHILLShallow Blue
"Junk DNA" -- Not Junk209 Feb '15 22:25RJHindsShallow Blue
Genesis 1:1-215409 Feb '15 18:32C Hesslemon lime
"Why Christianity is NOT a Religion"9309 Feb '15 07:18Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Options in the Wilderness of Planet Earth309 Feb '15 06:03FMFFMF
Lady Bishops12208 Feb '15 19:19robbie carrobiegooglefudge
Scientific Inaccuracies in the Flintstones6108 Feb '15 05:38catstormtwhitehead
Weddings-JW's707 Feb '15 08:41RBHILLrobbie carrobie
Religious choice1607 Feb '15 07:42OdBodwolfgang59
DNA Evidence for Special Creation7806 Feb '15 21:30RJHindsRJHinds
Genetics Confirms the Bible1506 Feb '15 12:01RJHindssonhouse
"Evidence You Can’t Ignore"3606 Feb '15 05:48Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Is Obama a Muslim4506 Feb '15 00:15redbadgergooglefudge
Registering a church?1605 Feb '15 03:36kevinlee123menace71
God's Will?5305 Feb '15 03:09Duchess64FMF
RHP Spirituality Contributors MIA3204 Feb '15 16:06Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX1502 Feb '15 19:29RJHindsGrampy Bobby
The Con Game15502 Feb '15 15:37BigDoggProblemsonship
Vedanta3502 Feb '15 03:05Dasajosephw
The new Greek Prime Minister is an Atheist.2201 Feb '15 19:48OdBodtwhitehead