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aproximatley 4,200 religeons in the world1413 Jul '14 06:47redbadgercaissad4
Whay are there so many dumb people religeous an...11313 Jul '14 02:41KeggeRJHinds
God3012 Jul '14 14:43redbadgerredbadger
Ken Ham's answers...12011 Jul '14 23:19C HessKellyJay
The Good Person Prayer111 Jul '14 14:48RBHILLRBHILL
hypothetical question ~9711 Jul '14 13:00stellspalfieRajk999
Jesus died for your kindness410 Jul '14 23:32RBHILLwolfgang59
"dis-equivocating" God2010 Jul '14 16:04Agergjosephw
Why aren't I burned?1210 Jul '14 06:16KeggeAThousandYoung
George Carlin Quote1608 Jul '14 20:01667joeRJHinds
For CalJust: Regarding Plantinga5208 Jul '14 08:38LemonJelloCalJust
The church around the time of Lucrezia Borgia208 Jul '14 07:54Paul Dirac IIRJHinds
God's amazing programming1608 Jul '14 04:24RJHindsRJHinds
The Anti-Christ1707 Jul '14 02:48RJHindsRJHinds
Happy 5th of July207 Jul '14 02:40RBHILLRJHinds
God is Sovereign!6406 Jul '14 16:46KingOnPointKingOnPoint
Why does josephw leave debates unfinished?606 Jul '14 15:46wolfgang59josephw
Jehovah's Witness's criticised for child sex ab...206 Jul '14 10:13divegeesterdivegeester
Matthew 16:282106 Jul '14 07:18Paul Dirac IIblack beetle
Thank you christians!1606 Jul '14 07:17Keggedivegeester
People believing humans about spirituality, why...1706 Jul '14 04:59sonhousewolfgang59
Different? How?3205 Jul '14 23:08josephwRJHinds
Poetry for the Spirit1405 Jul '14 20:02hakimahakima
If god exists - questions3405 Jul '14 03:47RJHindswolfgang59
On the separation of Church and State204 Jul '14 14:44RBHILLrobbie carrobie
God's simplicity baffles Atheists and Theists a...1904 Jul '14 05:48Pudgenikwolfgang59
Critique of religion, my critique:4803 Jul '14 21:28sonhousesonhouse
Retirement203 Jul '14 21:17RBHILLdivegeester
The Second Commandment1602 Jul '14 15:59hakimaCalJust
A life saved from the madness33601 Jul '14 10:29divegeesterKellyJay