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The Meaning of the Word "Repent"3304 Mar '15 20:46Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Three parent babies legal in UK2804 Mar '15 16:52divegeestersonhouse
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Exercise your spirit3103 Mar '15 22:35sonshipsonship
Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.803 Mar '15 21:51OdBodsonhouse
Judas got a raw deal2703 Mar '15 19:25judas priest the 3rdsonhouse
God's motivation.1103 Mar '15 10:10OdBodtwhitehead
Christians might be persecuted in US at some in...103 Mar '15 05:41wolfgang59wolfgang59
RHP Spirituality Forum: Miscellaneous22401 Mar '15 16:00Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Willy transplant301 Mar '15 00:37divegeesterwolfgang59
Bible Thumping Wingnut Program2427 Feb '15 18:35sonshipOdBod
Groundhog Day.2126 Feb '15 16:13OdBodgooglefudge
RedLetter Bible Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:218826 Feb '15 15:52RBHILLtwhitehead
Eternal youth?3125 Feb '15 21:31divegeesterdivegeester
Humanist prayer ending:3325 Feb '15 14:28sonhousesonhouse
The Meaning Of The Word WINDBAG1024 Feb '15 23:11wolfgang59robbie carrobie
Talk radio324 Feb '15 23:01RBHILLRBHILL
Greatest problem with Islam11224 Feb '15 15:43whodeyRJHinds
Death batlle1824 Feb '15 03:07vivifyvivify
Mars5523 Feb '15 09:34RBHILLtwhitehead
Less than 2 minutes6822 Feb '15 20:35KellyJayKellyJay
was Jesus Gay722 Feb '15 15:30redbadgerFMF
Moses was a terrorist17822 Feb '15 10:16ZahlanziFMF
Geological Evidence For Creation3522 Feb '15 03:28RJHindssonhouse
Calvin on 6 days5622 Feb '15 02:27RBHILLRBHILL
It requires courage to be an Atheist.10021 Feb '15 23:36OdBodsonship
Finally! Jesus has returned.321 Feb '15 22:59C Hesssonship
Why?1921 Feb '15 22:51OdBodkaroly aczel