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Forum Redundancy1213 Apr '14 03:41JS357Grampy Bobby
How is eternity expressed mathematically?41012 Apr '14 21:02Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Female disciple discovered in Bible text212 Apr '14 20:45RBHILLRJHinds
Forum etiquette87812 Apr '14 14:58divegeesterdivegeester
Questions from a non-religious person6712 Apr '14 04:45KnightStalker47KingOnPoint
What is Truth?4912 Apr '14 02:48Grampy BobbyFMF
To those who ask who are we to judge God ...511 Apr '14 23:50Agergwhodey
"Christianity is not a religion"13611 Apr '14 17:37Nick BourbakiFMF
Transformers/parties/religion/football711 Apr '14 07:11RBHILLJS357
Designed for Life8111 Apr '14 07:08RJHindsFabianFnas
"The troll among the ignorant "7111 Apr '14 05:54Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
The Three Abrahamic Religions6711 Apr '14 01:58FMFRJHinds
"Interacting with 'Angry Theists'"2611 Apr '14 00:08FabianFnasSwissGambit
Graham Cooke (renewing of the mind)110 Apr '14 23:49yoctobyteyoctobyte
Evil intelligent design of cancer!14910 Apr '14 23:14FabianFnasyoctobyte
Israeli - Palestinian Peace Talks?3110 Apr '14 19:47RJHindsRJHinds
God is good?6510 Apr '14 07:32wolfgang59FabianFnas
Christian evolutionists here18010 Apr '14 02:36SwissGambitRJHinds
Acts 8:391709 Apr '14 19:53boononboonon
I am FabianFnas26108 Apr '14 07:04FabianFnasFabianFnas
Is this Good?7007 Apr '14 23:55FreakyKBHFreakyKBH
Hoax or Proof of Resurrection5007 Apr '14 22:20RJHindsRJHinds
God's Freedom?5007 Apr '14 16:45LemonJelloLemonJello
Just Do It1307 Apr '14 15:25FreakyKBHSuzianne
UK faces hospital horror story3906 Apr '14 23:50KellyJaywolfgang59
Prophesy effect2006 Apr '14 18:52whodeyyoctobyte
The Book Of Revelation Effect23605 Apr '14 20:09FMFrobbie carrobie
"Interacting with 'Angry Atheists'"6905 Apr '14 07:21Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
378,691,200 seconds a slave304 Apr '14 15:08RBHILLRBHILL
Ezekiel 33: 8104 Apr '14 01:15KingOnPointKingOnPoint