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On what do you base your faith?9401 Nov '14 13:15wolfgang59moonbus
To sonship, on abortion6701 Nov '14 07:49CalJustFMF
Clerics in Dungeons&Dragons have no faith2930 Oct '14 23:57ZahlanziAThousandYoung
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Pure gray area15828 Oct '14 23:32whodeyLemonJello
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The Curse of Jehoiakim1727 Oct '14 08:52RBHILLwolfgang59
RHP Spirituality Forum Gym15225 Oct '14 07:52Grampy Bobbywolfgang59
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Things You'd Rather Die Than Do13023 Oct '14 03:30Grampy Bobbywolfgang59
What I envy about theists14421 Oct '14 21:19AgergLemonJello
More signs of the conclusion of this system...6321 Oct '14 18:42galveston75divegeester
Pure Evil3321 Oct '14 10:45FMFdivegeester
The Garden of Eden152921 Oct '14 08:43divegeesterdivegeester
Miracles Or Lies?2320 Oct '14 19:24667joetwhitehead
Is slavery part of Sharia law?8420 Oct '14 03:54whodeyAThousandYoung
who rules?1918 Oct '14 18:06roigamroigam
"I love Jesus" , but ...10318 Oct '14 09:15Rajk999wolfgang59
What happens when you die?4918 Oct '14 09:14Seitsewolfgang59
Only Christians3018 Oct '14 09:10Rajk999wolfgang59
Romans 810018 Oct '14 09:10Rajk999wolfgang59
The Reward that only matters2018 Oct '14 08:21RBHILLwolfgang59
Earth4918 Oct '14 07:21lemon limewolfgang59
For RJHinds-yes Pre:rapture21318 Oct '14 02:43RBHILLRJHinds
New document found about Jesus3517 Oct '14 21:31whodeymoonbus
Who Is Caliph Ibrahim?1116 Oct '14 16:52RJHindsRJHinds
The apologetics game!33115 Oct '14 06:17AgergFMF
"How can a God of love send anybody to Hell?"49715 Oct '14 03:22Grampy Bobbydivegeester
Is1714 Oct '14 18:12BigDoggProblemsonhouse
The coming day of the lord3314 Oct '14 14:43RJHindsdivegeester