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7 Day Timeout Ladder

7 Day Timeout Ladder

Chess Ladder - 7 Day Timeout

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This ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber BartVHonline2081Games31 Oct '14 14:54-Defending
20Subscriber DrRobotnik1834Games31 Oct '14 12:49ChallengingDefending
30Subscriber pijun1943Games29 Oct '14 21:28-Defending
40Subscriber Jack Bertramonline2003Games31 Oct '14 14:49-Defending
50Subscriber jocsjunior On Vacation1714Games31 Oct '14 03:07-Defending
60Subscriber Sleepyguy1787Games31 Oct '14 12:31ChallengingDefending
7+9Subscriber Erekose2002Games31 Oct '14 10:37-Defending
8-1Subscriber ColeFord1614Games31 Oct '14 12:50-Defending
9-1Subscriber bechte1442Games30 Oct '14 20:57-Defending
10-1Subscriber doug9891468Games31 Oct '14 11:54ChallengingDefending
11-1Subscriber chmrjg1558Games31 Oct '14 13:10ChallengingDefending
12-1Subscriber InvaderOfRome1916Games31 Oct '14 06:39ChallengingDefending
13-1Subscriber marc562046Games31 Oct '14 13:37Challenging-
14-1Subscriber RFN1999Games31 Oct '14 04:51ChallengingDefending
15+9Subscriber EssefBee1873Games31 Oct '14 08:45-Defending
16-2Subscriber MAN O WAR1759Games31 Oct '14 12:08Challenging-
17+1Subscriber ptriple422021Games30 Oct '14 20:11ChallengingDefending
18-3Subscriber funkydunky711946Games31 Oct '14 08:05Challenging-
19-2Subscriber finnegan1928Games31 Oct '14 14:11-Defending
20+10Subscriber mikeviking1616Games31 Oct '14 14:08-Defending
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