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About cardinalal

Diehard Cardinal baseball fan who has been transplanted into the south suburbs of Chicago.
Enjoy talking to my opponents, especially about sports.

Used to play postal chess as a youth and remembered looking forward to the mail everyday. Now, I look forward to checking my computer. To me, redhotpawn is like postal chess of yesteryear, only on steroids.

I will time you out if you exceed your timebank, and I would expect you to do the same to me. It is nothing personal, just the rules. I have never had an opponent, in over the board chess, ever let me continue playing if my time ran out (and yes I have suffered that fate more times than I would like to admit) A good friend of mine has always said "anybody can get a better position if they take more time."

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1104 games

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571 games

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533 games

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All Games Played1134
In Progress11
All Moves36496
Moves This Month359
Tournament Entry Rating2012

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1104 games


630 games


381 games


93 games

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52 games


3 games


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Highest Rating201820682117
Average Rating196619661977
Lowest Rating189518611861
Opponent Average Rating183117991823
Games Rated39182880
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