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affect and effect3331 Aug '16 23:06robbie carrobieroma45
Can dead cats cure genital warts?431 Aug '16 22:02SeitseTrev33
What are you listening to?153231 Aug '16 20:10drewnogalrobbie carrobie
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List of innocuous things that can annoy5931 Aug '16 18:15divegeesterGreat Big Stees
The 3-Word Never Ending Story...385031 Aug '16 18:01Grampy BobbyGreat Big Stees
Burkinis banned on Cannes beaches2631 Aug '16 13:57vanderveldesonhouse
RIP Gene Wilder1531 Aug '16 07:45whodeyFMF
most brainless job I ever had ...3230 Aug '16 12:59moonbusFMF
Sticky Thread Game1026330 Aug '16 02:36Ice ColdGreat Big Stees
stuff530 Aug '16 02:05apathistHandyAndy
Gene Wilder is dead230 Aug '16 01:19vanderveldeGreat Big Stees
Verbing Thread1629 Aug '16 19:50FMFIndonesia Phil
toothpaste729 Aug '16 16:17apathistlemon lime
bugged place - activated by fart?229 Aug '16 16:01vanderveldeHandyAndy
I thought necrophilia was illegal1329 Aug '16 06:35SeitseSeitse
Morrissey1928 Aug '16 11:53Seitsejosephw
Bands performing theirs albums front-to-back328 Aug '16 03:02vanderveldeFMF
Good TV at the moment5128 Aug '16 02:46FMFFMF
Stupid quotes2127 Aug '16 23:50whodeyrookie54
RHP Fantasy Football 20161627 Aug '16 17:55abejnoodrookie54
Napoleon's Microchip3527 Aug '16 15:07Ghost of a Dukevandervelde
George Clooney or Johnny Depp?2727 Aug '16 13:22vanderveldeblunderdog
Pastor who blasted Orlando victims...127 Aug '16 11:21blunderdogblunderdog
What are you reading?17127 Aug '16 10:04NoEarthlyReasonapathist
Losing things at home527 Aug '16 03:12vanderveldesonhouse
Mundane Things6526 Aug '16 16:48FMFmghrn55
The War On...2726 Aug '16 13:57josephwrookie54
500 bottles of wine coming from comet Lovejoy!:2326 Aug '16 13:48sonhousesonhouse