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your last meal1527 Oct '16 09:13lemondropapathist
Massive internet attack, takes down USA2526 Oct '16 18:12sonhousesonhouse
How are you sleeping?2626 Oct '16 14:13drewnogalGhost of a Duke
Quotes You Like2626 Oct '16 13:49Grampy BobbyGreat Big Stees
What We Think Russ Would Say2826 Oct '16 11:19FMFjosephw
What are you listening to?159526 Oct '16 05:57drewnogalvandervelde
Needy people4526 Oct '16 03:05coquettecoquette
Crop Circles8426 Oct '16 00:46chaney3apathist
Dark Forces3425 Oct '16 18:58divegeestersonhouse
As of this moment725 Oct '16 16:22vivifyPonderable
What happened to Grampy Bobby?110025 Oct '16 16:15sonhouseVery Rusty
Weird things central Europeans do1825 Oct '16 10:42Trev33Ghost of a Duke
Bob Dylan Nobel laureate2125 Oct '16 07:18Ponderablevandervelde
Pringles825 Oct '16 00:12KnightStalker47Very Rusty
I won a game and my rating went down824 Oct '16 21:03Ashiitakasonhouse
What are you reading?19024 Oct '16 12:41NoEarthlyReasonPonderable
FreakyKBH, answer me this about flat Earth:1724 Oct '16 09:53sonhousesonhouse
Jokes46024 Oct '16 07:24phil3000pawnpaw
Big Welcome back to Grampy Bobby424 Oct '16 02:13Trev33Trev33
I couldn't use my real name when signing up.623 Oct '16 11:40Ashiitakasonhouse