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Clinton Trump 3rd Debate1821 Oct '16 23:18Very RustyHandyAndy
Words You Like (Part 2)3221 Oct '16 23:14Grampy BobbyHandyAndy
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The 3-Word Never Ending Story...411821 Oct '16 16:23Grampy Bobbysonhouse
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Crop Circles6221 Oct '16 14:55chaney3robbie carrobie
Verbing Thread1921 Oct '16 14:22FMFRank outsider
Weird things central Europeans do521 Oct '16 13:53Trev33sonhouse
Last Word Sentences855421 Oct '16 13:42KewpieGreat Big Stees
Jokes45821 Oct '16 13:29phil3000whodey
What are you listening to?159320 Oct '16 17:27drewnogalsonhouse
"This is just RHP101"3320 Oct '16 15:13FMFmoonbus
Needy people4220 Oct '16 14:24coquetteGreat Big Stees
Behold8220 Oct '16 11:50PonderablePonderable
Dark Forces3220 Oct '16 11:39divegeesterPonderable
Jobs You Might Have Had2219 Oct '16 17:12FMFsonhouse
Small tub of sage518 Oct '16 23:07Ghost of a Dukejosephw
Bothersome Staff718 Oct '16 16:20FMFjosephw
3km rowing challenge1117 Oct '16 13:15Trev33FreakyKBH
Drop dead small children!3317 Oct '16 11:11vandervelderobbie carrobie
Dang Ladynight!1016 Oct '16 19:31Andrew KernKnightStalker47
Oscar Wilde revived6616 Oct '16 17:57hakimaTorunn
Nobodies4016 Oct '16 16:54josephwdivegeester
What are you reading?18616 Oct '16 06:32NoEarthlyReasonTorunn
I'll name that in one...(quote game No 2)3216 Oct '16 03:55vanderveldelemon lime
As of this moment615 Oct '16 16:48vivifyPonderable
The king is dead2415 Oct '16 15:10Kewpiejosephw