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the worthy thread...1403 Oct '15 13:00rookie54drewnogal
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An Passant1203 Oct '15 12:00frankclarkPonderable
What are you listening to?129403 Oct '15 10:39drewnogalFMF
Words and Slang You Seldom Use160503 Oct '15 00:35Grampy BobbyGreat Big Stees
If someone is forum banned, can we tell?2602 Oct '15 22:56sonhouseGrampy Bobby
Miscellaneous13102 Oct '15 22:09Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Divine802 Oct '15 20:52SeitseCaptain Strange
List of moves goes only to #11 in Analyze Board2002 Oct '15 17:00Cleojulysonhouse
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Possible bug402 Oct '15 14:37Ghost of a DukeGrampy Bobby
What do you call a person who... ?1002 Oct '15 13:31SeitsePonderable
I was just a skinny lad...402 Oct '15 09:37huckleberryhoundhuckleberryhound
On This Date in History23302 Oct '15 08:11Grampy Bobbywolfgang59
Impossible challenge12801 Oct '15 23:15coquettecoquette
i was just a precocious lad...2601 Oct '15 19:02rookie54Ghost of a Duke