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German moon rover to prove men went there:2604 Dec '16 22:22sonhousesonhouse
Buy Real/fake Passports,Driver’s License,ID Car...804 Dec '16 21:43robertfam600Kewpie
urgent: act now !!104 Dec '16 20:05lemon limelemon lime
Feeding pigeons is forbidden504 Dec '16 19:55vanderveldemoonbus
Fidel Castro dead, age 90.2404 Dec '16 19:06sonhouseSeitse
Is it wrong for me to play with Lego?4604 Dec '16 18:56FMFlemon lime
English 500 Years ago.804 Dec '16 12:05Very RustyFMF
have you ever noticed???1804 Dec '16 10:34rookie54divegeester
"Mad Dog"803 Dec '16 22:55Great Big SteesSuzianne
Leonard Cohen iis dead.703 Dec '16 21:43vanderveldeTorunn
Last Word Sentences865703 Dec '16 20:24Kewpieptobler
jimslyp forum killing champion42103 Dec '16 19:55Sicilian SausageVery Rusty
What are you listening to?163003 Dec '16 19:30drewnogalGreen Paladin
Donald Trump's eating hobbits603 Dec '16 18:39wolfgang59HandyAndy
What are you reading?22103 Dec '16 17:28NoEarthlyReasonvandervelde
What are you looking at?1503 Dec '16 09:48divegeesterdivegeester
The 3-Word Never Ending Story...426102 Dec '16 19:33Grampy BobbyGreat Big Stees
Sticky Thread Game1040302 Dec '16 15:44Ice ColdVery Rusty
Jokes47201 Dec '16 18:08phil3000phil3000
No title630 Nov '16 04:06cowboynoelvandervelde
Trump builds a wall in Scotland1930 Nov '16 01:22lemondropGreat Big Stees
Is is too early to mention it?1029 Nov '16 15:42drewnogalPonderable
Brexit trading alliance seeking a name. Any ide...1029 Nov '16 13:36Trickyt57C J Horse
Looking for the Japanese style chess font that ...729 Nov '16 11:45cowboynoelsonhouse
hope you idiots who voted for Trumpf r happy:929 Nov '16 11:40sonhousesonhouse
Trump wasn't warning us, he was bragging3129 Nov '16 10:11Suziannerobbie carrobie
Donald Trump's eating habbits1329 Nov '16 08:26vanderveldeExecutioner Brand
Predictions for Next 100 years1728 Nov '16 21:42Trickyt57Trickyt57
which actor has saved the world the most times?527 Nov '16 08:51lemondropmoonbus
Don't 'hot pot' at Yellowstone:2326 Nov '16 03:56sonhousesonhouse