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Big Sam is gone.7001 Oct '16 08:09robbie carrobieFMF
What happened to Wolfgang59?7601 Oct '16 08:03FMFdivegeester
Nobodies3201 Oct '16 07:35josephwdivegeester
Dear divegeester8301 Oct '16 07:32FMFdivegeester
King Arthur301 Oct '16 07:29chaney3divegeester
Somebodies1701 Oct '16 07:25divegeesterdivegeester
let's have a vote301 Oct '16 04:10lemondropcoquette
What new name for the Red Skins?1301 Oct '16 03:55sonhouseFMF
Melbec from Mendoza430 Sep '16 20:30Trev33FreakyKBH
Needy people2930 Sep '16 18:47coquettemoonbus
250 million pound airport you can't land on:1430 Sep '16 18:45sonhousemoonbus
Contest2730 Sep '16 12:51vivifySuzianne
Dark Forces3130 Sep '16 10:51divegeestersonhouse
sore losers??8530 Sep '16 09:55otgjosephw
What are you listening to?157829 Sep '16 17:52drewnogalvandervelde
The 3-Word Never Ending Story...409629 Sep '16 15:21Grampy Bobbysonhouse
Bad Relatives1129 Sep '16 14:03FMFsonhouse
What was the worst year ever?1929 Sep '16 13:56FMFsonhouse
Sticky Thread Game1031429 Sep '16 04:05Ice Coldcoquette
Behold8028 Sep '16 16:34PonderablePonderable
Mourinho the bully threatens Arsene in book228 Sep '16 16:34SeitsePonderable
Drinking gin&tonic and red wine is good228 Sep '16 13:03vanderveldesonhouse
I'll name that in one...(quote game No 2)2328 Sep '16 12:44vanderveldevandervelde
Travel2327 Sep '16 17:55Trev33sonhouse
The metric system4927 Sep '16 17:53Trev33sonhouse
Jokes43727 Sep '16 12:57phil3000Ponderable
Never get changed in a hotel room---527 Sep '16 09:20vanderveldeSuzianne
Forum Revolution9027 Sep '16 09:16divegeesterFMF
The Forum Elite Dangerous clique.4827 Sep '16 00:20huckleberryhoundHandyAndy
cultural appropriation...526 Sep '16 15:08rookie54Ponderable