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The Fischer and Sir George Thomas Connection

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I know you come here to escape reality and it’s not too often I dip your toes into
what’s going on out there in the real world but the latest Magnus Carlsen v Hans
Niemann soap opera is rolling on. When and where it will finish nobody knows

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After the walk out in St. Louis Magnus ‘I don’t want my title but you...

out tweet
What a crazy past few days in the chess world. Everyone has gone mad.

Magnus Carlsen who stepped down from being world champion has
now walked out of the Sinquefield tournament after 3 rounds and leaving
behind a whole army of experts and idiots all speculating as to the why?

Psychiatrists, artists, businessmen, journalists, soothsayers and...

Zorro reaches 2,500,000 chess moves


In years to come when all the world’s chess historians meet up at the
Royal and Ancient Chess Historians Club on The Strand in London they
will agree that the most important date in chess history is the 1st September.

It was on the 1st of September 1972 that Boris Spassky resigned, by phone, game
21 of the World Championship match and Bobby Fischer became World Champion...

Capablanca Loses 100 Games of Chess

Mad Magazine June 1957.
mad magazine

And inside we see a mention of Capablanca losing every game in a simul.



Whilst surfing about for that I found some Sci-fi books with chess covers. ...

London v Edinburgh (Game Five) The Crafty Scots.

London one

I’m not too fact I have no idea at all of what the London Chess
Club badge looked like, if indeed it had one, so I have made that one up.
I’ve also guessed at the year of foundation, it could have been in the 1790’s.

Of course their badge could have looked something like this. ...

The London - Edinburgh Chess Match (game 2)


This year The Edinburgh Chess Club celebrates it’s 200th anniversary..

Rather than go into other details about events planned and ruined (Covid)
I thought here, on my blog thingy, I would just concentrate on the match
that secured the club it’s place in history. (though being the second oldest
chess club in the world that is still running, that too is quite noteworthy...

The Chess Race to 2900

The player formerly known as the world champion has actually done what he
threatened to do and become the player formerly known as the world champion.

Kitchen table philosophy has been rife all over the net as to the why and what not.
The general consensus appears to be he needs a new target to get back his interest in
the game and the world title was just in the way of his real ambition. A rating of 2900! ...

The Bishop and Two Rooks

Greenpawn’s green pawn.

no title

I Recently rediscovered this mate in three by Eugene B. Cook.

6k1/6b1/6KR/5R2/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 1
I knew (or felt I knew, my memory is playing OAP tricks on me these days) I had...

The Jerome Gambit

This is my yacht, ‘The Jerome Gambit’ (St Jerome is the patron saint of lost causes.)

no title

I have recently crewed it with little ducks. (see the blog about the Duck getting married.)

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It sails on a regular basis on a large boating pond in Edinburgh...

The Anand Blunder (a chess bloggers dream.)

Every Thursday and Sunday afternoon there is chess in Edinburgh’s
Princes St. Gardens. I go along most days to meet some old buddies
(and I mean old), catch up with the gossip and play a few blitz games.

Last Sunday a bunch of artists turned up to sketch Edinburgh Castle.
(I have since invented the collective term for artists is a ‘paint pot’.) ...

Live Chess Cartoons and Problems

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Not (sadly) an original, this is a live version of a cartoon that
I saw in the April edition of the 1992 British Chess Magazine.
me like cartoon

That was 30 years ago. Now the I look like the psychiatrist in the cartoon.

Also in that edition of BCM John Nunn is noting up the game between...

The Bronstein Trap and Steel Chess Kings

I bought a bag of small plastic babies for 20p and did this (it took me ages.)

no title

A term given to Kings that are getting hounded all over the board often picking up
material on the way with Rooks, Queens, Knights and Bishops shooting at the them. ...

Chess Opening Theory + (a chess joke)

no title

Now we know why The Duck suddenly got married.

no title

I drew that. I cannot draw feet so the people I draw are always in water.
Now looking at it I’m not very good at drawing hands either.....hang on. ...

Chess Mistakes (we love them really)

no title

Chess Review, August 1948
green pawns

This problem appeared in 1898 Scotsman by Mr W. Finlayson

no title

1N4br/4rp2/p2N2P1/8/1pP4b/kP2p1QP/P7/1K2R3 w - - 0 ...

The Chess Wedding of the Year

It is celebration time here at Red Hot Pawn. The Duck has got married!

no title

We wish The Duck and Mrs The Duck very many happy days together.

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Now a problem from ‘The Scotsman Weekly’ 24th December 1927...

The Chess Dress and a Date with an Old Mate.

I have ordered one, watch this space for soon to seen pictures of me wearing it
(with my chess hat!) and parading along a catwalk at a fashion show in Paris.


I was going through an old scrap book of chess cuttings from ‘The Scotsman’
dated from the mid to late 1800’s. I came across this printed a few weeks apart. ...

The Edinburgh Chess Club Hat

Tarrasch (bless his bones) said he felt sorry for anyone did who did not
know the game of chess. I feel sorry for you lot because you do not have... Edinburgh Chess Club Hat.

no title

My hat like music, money, love and more money has the power to make me happy...

How To Get A New Chess Book

Title here

When ever I want a new freshly printed chess book I have a number of choices.

A) Buy it from a retailer. (sometimes I have to do this but books are expensive these days.)

B) Approach the publishers for a freebie to review. This occasionally works even if
you have nowhere to publish your review. For it to work just make up a blog page,...

The Zwischenzug

Title here

The title

spelt correct

A Zwischenzug is when a player seems to have only one move at their disposal,
usually a recapture, but instead of playing it they slip in another move which has
to be dealt with right away (often a check). Then they play the expected move. ...

A Cool Chess Player and Queen Skewers.

This is me showing off my super-duper looking Edinburgh Chess Club
jersey and club cup and coaster. By all means ‘checks al checks’ and
watch out for those loose piece, but always and I mean this, look cool.

no title

I posted this on Face Book to make them jealous but there I called the
‘cup’ a ‘mug’ very soon one wise guy quipped; ‘I can see two mugs!’ ...

The Pawns in a Goldfish Bowl Winner

no title

I asked you to guess how many pawns in the goldfish bowl.

no title

The answer was (and Russ will confirm) 71 pawns and the winner
was Contenchess who came closest when he guessed at number 72.
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1490275699.png}green pawns{/imgblock...

Win 'Master Chess'

Last column I showed this picture with ‘Master Chess’ in the middle.


I have come up with a competition to win this book and anyone can enter.

All you have to do is.... ...

The Curse of the Chess Blog

Red Hot Pawn member Venda won the book title competition with an
imaginative effort that is RHP based and original. I liked it because...

no title

...I am the Walrus by The Beatle gives me an excuse to show my Green ‘Pawn’ McCartney.
no title

Regular readers will recall what happened the last time I ran a win a book competition...

Chess 2022 The Musical Competition


How about that for a nerd gold medal, look at the time for a New Year post.
One minute past midnight. This must be the first blog in my time zone for 2022.

(originally the claim was to be first anywhere but I've been reminded
that other places celebrated the New Year a long time before me.) ...

Chess Christmas Special

pawn Santa hat

Here is your Christmas treat for 2021 presented to us by Vladimir Korolkoc
White to play and mate in 10 moves (do not panic, I’m giving the solution.)

8/8/8/p1K4p/k1ppppRp/rp5B/1P2q3/8 w - - 0 1


World Championship (Game Eleven)

no title

That is it then, it’s all over. Magnus retains his world title 4-0 with 7 draws.
Nepomniachtchi took a big gamble and played 23.g3 when a draw with
sensible risk free play was on the table. A draw of course was no good
as that would leave Carlsen just needing a draw with the white pieces in
the next round and winning the next three games to just tie the match did
not appeal to Nepomniachtchi so he rolled the dice and the throw was bad...

World Championship (Game 10)

no title

That is the header I was going to use for the tie breaks when cartoon chess
takes over. Now it looks very much like we will not be seeing tie breaks.

Nepo has a few games left to put a victory on the board, Carlsen won't take his foot
of the gas, the idea of whitewash will appeal so we should get a few good games. ...

World Championship (Game Nine)

no title

After going 2-0 down the vultures have started circling over the
head of Nepomniachtchi and everyone (me included ) has been
offering him advice on what to do next (I want him to play 1.a3.)

His team must have a few opening twists in their locker to be used
in case their man fell behind. If so then now is the time to open it...

World Championship (Game Eight)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship and...

(Give the playing schedule greenpawn....Russ)

no title

Just over halfway though the Chess World Championship an...

World Championship (Game Seven)

no title

After yesterdays game, 7 hours 45 minutes and a Carlsen win, it will be
interesting to see how Nepomniachtchi’s reacts. He may go for a quick
strike back or play safe to recover and recuperate. One thing is for certain,
if Carlsen senses Nepo has been shaken and is unsteady, he will go for him.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1637958190.png}The Rules{/imgblock...

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