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The Chess Suicide Snare

I’d lost my g1 Knight, but it had been on holiday and has just come back.

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red pawns

In the recent World Cup one of the rapid tie-break games between Teimour Radjabov
and Ding Liren, the Chinese player set a wee trap before resigning. In GM parlance this
is known as a joke move, but it would have been no joke if Radjabov had fallen for it...

The Once in a Lifetime Chess Combination.

My life is complete. I now have a Doctor Who Chess Set.

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Normally I shun these gimmick, historic or decorative chess sets.
I’m a Staunton design man, I think most of us chess players are.

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Pal Benko (1928 - 2019)

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Pal Benko 1928 - 2019.

Sadly another great player and personality has passed away. Pal Benko.
Mention the name and three things come to mind, the opening that bears
his name, his role in Fischer getting to the 1972 World final v Spassky
and his problem page that ran for many years in Chess Life and Review...

Ding Pins and Wins and a Chess Joke

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The thread accompanying this blog is 182385

1... Ng5 2. Rg3 Ke5 3. Rc3 Ne4 4. Rh3
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Atomick's Pet Chess Trap!

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Me and the duck losing at chess (it was The Duck’s Fault!)
green pawns

Last week we set the task place 18 Queens (nine of each colour)
on a chessboard without any of the Queens attacking each other.

5qqq/4qqq1/QQQ5/4q3/Q7/6qq/2QQ4/1QQQ4 w - - 0 1
That is the solution but some lad over at let’s call him ‘Smart Alec....

The 18 Queens Chess Problem.

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I think it was in it was definitely 1976 when....come
to think of it I’m positive it was 1977..,perhaps.. and I’m sitting
there playing over a game from Chernev’s 1,000 - short games.
(I have that bit right) when Ian was Johnny who...

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Game Changer - Chess Book Review

small cover

I’m not a good chess player, infact on my recent 68th birthday
they arranged the candles on my cake in the shape of an ‘?’

This is me when computers and chess crop up.


Chess Comic + What Happened Next?

I picked up this magazine a few weeks ago.

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It’s a common theme. A black guy is having a tough time
growing up in his ‘hood’ and is straying towards a criminal
career. But he learns Chess and the game keeps him straight.

It’s good and the artwork is excellent but of course.....

A Brief Summary of Volunteer Instruction

In my absence, one of the things I’ve been working is my high school’s service-learning project; or, more correctly, I’ve been working on an essay I’ve done in place of my high school’s service learning requirement this year. It comprises my thoughts on the continuation of a program at my school in which volunteers taught chess to underprivileged children, and the optimal methods of its implementation. In particular, it explains the most important topics to teach beginning chess players, and how they might be conveyed to a group of students. I thought this might be interesting to read, given the topic; as always, I welcome any comments, which I reiterate here as it’s a topic with potential impact if I’m missing something obvious.

Without further ado, below follows the reforma...

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Norwegian Chess Rules

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen recently won a Norwegian Chess tournament
where they tried an anti-draw experiment in an effort to try and jazz things up.

The winner in normal play (referred to as classical play) was awarded 2pts.
If this game was drawn then both players received ½ point. They then played
an Armageddon Game for the remaining 1 point. The Armageddon rules were...

H.M.S. Red Hot Pawn

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Captain Greenpawn and his Red Hot Pawn Crew.

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Jump aboard and throw the compass out a porthole, we go where the tide takes us.
Look at this piece of treasure buried deep within the vaults of the RHP database. ...

Chess at Lindores Abbey

I visited Lindores Abbey for the Chess All Stars.

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Had a front row seat watching Carlsen, Anand, Ding Liren and Karjakin.


another pic of Carlsen playing Ding (it was a draw....

Chess Traps Nobody Wants To Play

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First you have go through these two RHP games.
danrose84 - Benjamin Barker RHP 2018

26. Bh3+ Kb8 {First White chased the King to b8.} 27. cxd4 Nc4 28. Rxb3 {Now White opens the a-file.} 28... axb3 29. Bg2 {White crosses his fingers and waits...} 29... b2 {The wait is over. Black could have played Qa3 here.} 30. Qa8# {That is an a1-a8 checkmate.} ...

The Chess Pub Trap, Study and Problem

There is a pub ‘The Pawn Lounge’ in Alexandria near Dumbarton, Scotland
that has a smashing chess mural painted on the outside. Recently I went there.

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I just had to have a picture of me leaning against that painted pawn.

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Win The World Chess Championship

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Some of the penalty square instructions.
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Title here

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USA Chess Championships + Sam Loyd

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Caruana in relaxed mode leaning against a White King!

Caruana, Nakamura, Wes So and Sam Shankland are all playing in the USA
Championship which will probably have started by the time you are reading this.

From amongst this group, which I will call the Big Four, who will win?...

Boxing and Blitz

Hello readers of the Junction,

Today we’ll be following up on last week’s dissertation with a dissection of the actual chess games from several relatively high-profile chessboxing matches (i.e. the ones which were filmed online with a board.) First up is coverage of the most recent tournament I have video of from the London Chessboxing page: the International Chessboxing Brexit Belt.


Ville “Jukola” Makinen – Guy Cohen, International Chessboxing Brexit Belt 2017 ...

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Your Chess Lottery Numbers

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Today I am going to make some of you endgame lovers lottery millionaires.

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1. The number of people at you club that will be actually
interested when you say you have an endgame to show them. ...

A Chess Trap No One On RHP Has Fallen Into

The Road signs have been arriving. Thank you one and all.

The first one in came from Moonbus and this sign is found in Germany.

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Now a mixture of street names all from around the London area.

{imgblock=}Title here{/imgblock...

18 years of Chess at RedHotPawn

18 years ago today, after a couple of months of intense late night coding, what was at the time one hobby project among many hobby projects, RedHotPawn was released to the world.

That chess site with the ridiculous name.

Happy 18th Birthday RHP

Now RedHotPawn has reached adulthood! 🎂 By dot com standards, it is virtually prehistoric! ...

The Boxing Day Mystery

I started my journey armed with two critical facts: It was Boxing Day, and the Wu-Tang Clan make excellent music. If you can’t see where this is going, stop and listen to the below. Or, even if you can.


There was only one problem, I discovered, as I attempted to piece together a chessboxing-themed blog: it’s really hard to find any actual chessboxing games. Substantial-time-Googling hard. I emailed several supposed governing bodies of chessboxing, the majority of which didn’t respond, although I did get one email back several months later (02–20–2019, for those of you keeping score,) from London Chessboxing. I posted in several chess forums, including this site’s, and got a few leads over in r/chess. It was on. ...

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A Chess Mnemonic and Chess Street Signs.

...and now at no expense spent...The History of Chess (the last bit)

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In 1984 Karpov and Kasparov started playing the first of their 144 World
Championship games in Moscow, London, Leningrad, Lyon, Servile and
New York. It finally finished in 1990 with the score Kasparov 21 Karpov 19.

(I make that 104 draws which is the same number of books covering these matches....

Chess History (part 11¾)

Title here

Where were we...Oh yes...the mid 40’s.......Alekhine passed away in 1946

Russia decided that FIDE needed a Chess World Champion and so invited
three Soviet players, Botvinnik, Keres and Smyslov to play for the vacant
title. FIDE meekly pointed out that it would look better if chess players from
other nations were allowed to take part. In the spirit of fair play Russia agreed....

A History of Chess (parts 3 to 9)

....continuing with our history of what really matters in Chess.

Title here

We left part II with Phildor, moving onto 1813 and we get the first
Chess Column ‘The Liverpool Mercury’ edited by Egerton Smith.

Egerton published a hand drawn diagram meant to show a checkmate in...

A History of Chess Part 1 (and part II)

So what prompted this....well it was this.

Title here

It’s massive, by the time you finish reading it Chess will have a new history.

The book is even bigger than me! ...

Marshall, Alekhine, Nunn and Morphy.

Title here

An early Christmas present I treated myself to was this.

Title here

I picked it up when I down in London for the World Championship...

Yes there is something wrong. The picture of the pieces have been mirrored...

The Delayed Exchange

Hello all, and welcome to Hikaru Junction. While I was looking through my few binders of chess scoresheets, I happened upon something rarer than a game score. I came across an original Orion masterwork, stuffed in amongst the myriad records of past tournaments.

The below is several years old, the opening half-page of a chess comic I was going to write and draw. Unfortunately, it comes from the time before I allowed myself to accept I was skilled at neither.

My Chess Comic

Although this may be of great archeological significance, I’m nevertheless forced to turn us from these diversions towards the main topic of the blog– the games which I was searching for in my Romney-esque ‘binders full of chess games.’ ...

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A New Junction

Hello readers,

Last time around I went in hard on the introduction. This week I’ll only mention that one of my favorite tournaments, the London Chess Classic, is currently being played, and you should check it out. The format is a knockout this year, unfortunately, but games between Caruana, Nakamura, Karjakin, Aronian (at least, from three of them) aren’t ones you’ll want to miss.

With that housekeeping completed, let’s dive into what you’re (presumably) here to see: the games from the second day of the tournament weekend. (The first day’s, you ask? 404 Look no further.)

Orion LE (1713) – Craig B Roll (2257) MCC Open
1. e4 c5 2. d4 {I respond to Craig’s Sicilian with my trademark (or, soon to be, anyway) Smith-Morra Gambit.} cxd4 3. c3 dxc3 {He accepts.} 4. Nxc3 {The speedy d...

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2018 RHP Christmas Chess Quiz

Title here

A Merry Christmas to all and what would Christmas be without Charades.
All you have to do is spot the chess link from the charade. The first one is easy.
The answers are right under each picture, just click on the ‘hidden’ button.

A Famous Opening ...

Return of the Junction

Hello all,

Magnus Carlsen’s back, and so, apparently, am I. What is it that I usually do here? Claim I’m the only chess blog on the internet that does something? Apparently, I’m the only chess blogger that routinely loses a train of thought, since I wrote “I’m working on a bigger project for next week” in an introduction three months ago, and have since completely forgotten what that could have been.

I do have a new thing I’m working on now, though, and that brings me to my next point: In my absence, I’ve tried to re-evaluate my attitude towards chess. For some time, I’ve been a little discouraged, I think, partially because of the below rating graph.

last few years

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