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Please read the site FAQ before posting1Sticky threadChess HostChess Host
After move option605 Feb '23 03:02SweetGingerTrev33
Portrait view327 Jan '23 09:58Dave BranaganRuss
Weird puple icn, "My decision"525 Jan '23 07:39AfrikanusPonderable
Account deletion224 Jan '23 10:09RemovedRuss
Filtered My Games showing completed as well as ...307 Jan '23 23:07thwaiters2thwaiters2
No warning!304 Jan '23 05:41phil nutleyEndLame
Changing my password228 Dec '22 01:33rossolimoKewpie
Someone Started a new game with me that I didn'...527 Dec '22 02:13Cook Elymwmiller
Password.508 Dec '22 07:00taipei5200david420
Move taken without my knowledge708 Dec '22 01:47Revdhutchdavid420
Max Preferred Number Of Games?218 Nov '22 06:11zzzzz9200Kewpie
New moving lost and won games to archive not wo...203 Nov '22 08:30NickoldsrsePonderable
Android and app627 Oct '22 19:35vendavenda
I claimed a draw and nothing happened622 Oct '22 00:59jon3141Kewpie
Subcriptions819 Oct '22 16:39taipei5200Trev33
Are sequences of conditional moves possible?217 Oct '22 15:40Nick812Ponderable
Archiving multiple games316 Oct '22 12:25Timid weaklingmwmiller
More than 6 pages of this cr*********1012 Oct '22 11:42KewpieKewpie
How to fix emojis/emotis on Linux?311 Oct '22 12:03Kevin ElevenRuss
Change the language1302 Oct '22 19:34Minusmwmiller
“Timeout in XXXX”330 Sep '22 08:40divegeesterdivegeester
how can i change challenge setting319 Sep '22 06:36zerosevenzeroonePonderable
Ladders219 Sep '22 06:32Pianoman1Ponderable
Clan Membership Request214 Sep '22 16:22Bobla45Russ
abandoned games1208 Sep '22 01:55mlb62Earl of Trumps
Android App 5.x.x Text too big since last updat...201 Sep '22 14:59RussRuss
stats against one player329 Aug '22 11:59SmookiePKingDavid403
Clan auto matching only gives 1 match - every t...428 Aug '22 08:32stevehewittvenda
Membership427 Aug '22 23:58RumiRemoved

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