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PGN and FEN fail to display414 May '21 17:06FMDavidHLevinRuss
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Adjudicated Win518 Apr '21 11:31bob58Maxtheminnow
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Change of email address1206 Apr '21 14:27karriesRuss
Duplicate games in clan challenge1106 Apr '21 13:48Relentless RedRelentless Red
Name Change106 Apr '21 11:27WoofwoofWoofwoof
Banned Player Timed Out Games806 Apr '21 09:22adalia bipunctataRuss
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leaving a tournament202 Apr '21 19:13jerryib1venda
contact a player202 Apr '21 14:41MarkLewandoskiPonderable
Move notifications1001 Apr '21 20:47ButterhornRuss
Cannot Reset PW for Account as email going to o...131 Mar '21 22:45HenrywhHenrywh
Unable to Castle329 Mar '21 08:28Khandita108Khandita108
no title228 Mar '21 01:20DharmaduraiTrev33
Mis - alignment522 Mar '21 12:01vendaRuss
e-mail notifications for opponent's moves221 Mar '21 12:01phannanPonderable
Time expired519 Mar '21 10:47gaborgabor
Cheating and ignore list415 Mar '21 10:00Mark Rutlandvenda