World Chess Championship (Game Three)

World Chess Championship (Game Three)

The Planet Greenpawn

World Chess Championship (Game Three)

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Hi yesterday at the hospital was OK, I’m a wee bit dopey but fine.

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The Playing Schedule.
Friday, 7 April Opening ceremony (had that)
Saturday, 8 April Media day (whatever that is)
Sunday, 9 April Game 1 (A draw)

Monday, 10 April Game 2 (Nepo won)
Tuesday, 11 April Rest day (...and we rested.)
Wednesday, 12 April Game 3 (today)
Thursday, 13 April Game 4 (tomorrow)
Friday, 14 April Rest day (another one?)
Saturday, 15 April Game 5 (Chess on a Saturday...there goes the weekend.)
Sunday, 16 April Game 6 (I’ll be at church praying for another rest day.)

Monday, 17 April Rest day (Thank You!)
Tuesday, 18 April Game 7 (halfway though and you know what that means...)
Wednesday, 19 April (..Yes! another rest day!)
Thursday, 20 April Game 8 (Nepo lost games 8 and 9 in the last world title match)
Friday, 21 April Game 9 (See above. )
Saturday, 22 April Rest day (Good. I'll be at the football.)
Sunday, 23 April Game 10 (Tony Miles birthday so 1...a6)

Monday, 24 April Game 11 (I hope no further than here, I’ve only done 11 intro screens)
Tuesday, 25 April Rest day (We need a rest day to recover from the rest days.)
Wednesday, 26 April Game 12 (See Game 11)
Thursday, 27 April Game 13 (See Game 11)
Friday, 28 April Rest day (the 7th and last rest day.)
Saturday, 29 April Game 14 (There will not be a game 14...)
Sunday, 30 April Tie breaks ( ...will not be needed.)

Monday, 1 May Closing ceremony (We all hail the new champ.)
Tuesday, 2 May The new champion goes to a hairdresser and gets the FIDE
logo shaved on the back his head. Everywhere he goes people shout ‘Hooray!’

But enough of this hilarity let us have a look at the game:

Ian. Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren, Game 3

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 196724

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