World Chess Championship (Game Four)

World Chess Championship (Game Four)

The Planet Greenpawn

World Chess Championship (Game Four)

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This is the flag of Kazakhstan (where the chess world championship is taking place.)

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Truly a chess mad country, Note there are 32 rays coming from the sun.
One ray for every chess piece. The 32 spaces in between the each of the
rays are for the empty squares when all the pieces are placed on the board.

Let’s look at the game played today Ding won.
He set up a smashing pawn centre. Nepo was
holding it but blundered with 28...Nd4 missing
the exchange sac. (28...g5 is much better.)

D. Liren - I. Nepomniachtchi (game 4)

the first sub variation.

the second sub variation.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 196736

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