World Chess Championship (Game Five)

World Chess Championship (Game Five)

The Planet Greenpawn

World Chess Championship (Game Five)

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The header is from a picture in April 2023 CHESS magazine
of the line up for this years World Master held at Dusseldorf.

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Thank you Wesley So and Anish Giri for holding up the board which
is now worthless because all the players in this event autographed it.
Nepomniachtchi and Praggnanandhaa signatures took up two ranks!!
(players long name jokes are not clever or funny greenpawn .....Russ)

Nepo is on the extreme left. Here is a better picture.

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I was going to use his tee-shirt for a game number but will save it
in case Nepo wins this and I can use it for a ‘Magnus Who?’ shot.

Edit: (I do this bit after the game is over to either warn you it’s naff or
well worth playing over. Hopefully the latter but we are due a former)

Another Nepo win. A Ruy Lopez where Ding seemed to have equal chances
but drifted and his Bishop was out of play then he got himself into time trouble.

Ian. Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren, Game 5

The fantasy line.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 196755

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