World Chess Championship (Game Six)

World Chess Championship (Game Six)

The Planet Greenpawn

World Chess Championship (Game Six)

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That fantasy variation I saw in game 5 I found a good RHP game with the same idea.

RunninScared - Caravan Man RHP 2022

By chance that mate also pops up in this game.

Match Report. Ding won with a lovely way to wrap it up. But Nepo had a great chance
to draw which I only picked after the game. The score is now 2 wins and 2 draws each.

D. Liren - I. Nepomniachtchi (game 6)

The bit where Nepo had draw chances. I never saw it during the game I only became
aware of it because of a comment on when I was checking out the times.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 196764

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