World Chess Championship (Game Nine)

World Chess Championship (Game Nine)

The Planet Greenpawn

World Chess Championship (Game Nine)

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Recap after my instant notes which I do not edit.

Ding going for a Berlin Defence, which Nepo avoided. A standard looking
Lopez. Na7 and Qc7 from Ding caught me out (and Nepo) I did spot,
(eventually)a plan with Bf8 and the a7 Knight going to c5. I had plenty
of time to do this because Nepo spent 20 minutes on playing 16. Ba2.

Then suddenly we had a 19th century Kingside attack on the board with
all kinds of trick shots. popping up for Nepo but Ding calmly defended by
grabbing what I thought was a risky pawn on the Queenside but it had the
effect of disrupting White Queenside. Ding offered an exchange, Nepo
refused it. Queens came off., pawns came off, a pair of Rooks came off.
A draw was agreed but only after a tricky Knight ending was negotiated.

Ian. Nepomniachtchi - Ding Liren, Game 9

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 196818

Edit: I've added a couple of Red Hot Pawn games
with the same ending in the the thread above.

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