The Q.G.A. and Chess Wizardy

The Q.G.A. and Chess Wizardy

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The Q.G.A. and Chess Wizardy

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I took it from the cover of this book.

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It is White to play and win. I’ll take you though it.

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Three puzzles for you to solve. A bit harder than usual but I give clues.

D. Bocharov -D. Frolyanov, Toljatti, 2001

White to play and mate in three moves.
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Think of your Rook and Bishop mating patterns.

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1. Ne5+ Kh8 2. Ng6+ hxg6 3. Rh3 Checkmate.

C. Holt - A. Becker, Wheeling, 2009

White to play and mate in three moves.
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1.Qg7+ Ke8 2.Qg8 is mate but what if 1...Ke6.

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1. Qg7+ Ke6 2. Rg6+ hxg6 3. Qxg6 Checkmate.

A. Skripchenko - M. Lomineishvili, Moldova, 1995

White to play and win.
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The Black Queen on c7 is undefended

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1. Rxg7 Kxg7 2. Qg3+ Kh8 3. Ng6+ fxg6 4. Qxc7 winning the Queen.

green pawns

This was a recent pick up a 2nd hand book shop.

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Though 2nd hand is perhaps the wrong term. I could tell by the freshness and how
stiff it was that the book had not been opened since the day it was published in 1998.

Wonder where it came from? Who buys a chess book on a particular opening
and never even opens it? Which is a bit of shame because within it’s pages will
be (or so I thought) one of the most successful opening traps on Red Hot Pawn.

Yes it is our old friend 1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. e3 b5 4. a4 c6 5. axb5 cxb5 6. Qf3

Black loses a piece.

Greco first mentions it in 1620. The first RHP victim was in May 2002 the latest
one I have found is in December 2022. This site has more that 2,000 White wins.

But the book makes no mention of this trap nor the counter trap.

The book does look at 3.e3 but it is relegated to a few pages in an odds and sods chapter
at the end of the book without mentioning 3...b5. The book, written for Black’s point
of view, concentrates on 3.Nf3 after 2...dxc4 as it prevents Black from playing 3....e5.

Fair enough but I think it could have been pointed out to avoid any reader having an
accident. Also the reader might be a Queens Gambit player. A line worth knowing.

There is another sideline featuring the same idea (Qf3 and taking the a8 Rook) and
this too is popular on Red Hot Pawn (over 280 times) in OTB games I have over
40 examples but this time the whole idea is faulty and only 10 times has Black found
the refutation on RHP. In OTB games 20 times Black has known about the best move.

green pawns

What else have I found on Red Hot Pawn. Oh Yes! both Queens capture all four
Rooks in the space of 3 moves each. When the last Rook is taken it is checkmate.

Markus3105 - Neilster RHP 2012

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 197068

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