Poor Pawns and Rooks on the Rocks.

Poor Pawns and Rooks on the Rocks.

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Poor Pawns and Rooks on the Rocks.

poor pawn


I happened to be reading ‘The Delights of Chess’ which is the follow up book
to ‘Adventure in Chess’ both by Assiac the apt pen name of Heinrich Fraenkel
1897-1986 Assiac is ‘Caissa’ in reverse. both books are a mine of rich treasure.

Within the ‘Delights’ book I found this study by Emanuel Lasker.

White to play and win. I’ll give a silly joke before the solution.

Title here

And, as predictable as ever, a few RHP examples with the same theme only this time
the plan of swapping Rooks to promote a pawn was not forced, it needed a blunder.

JimmyKeppler - stiffmiddlefinger RHP 2020 (Black to play)

1...Ra5 with a draw as the most likely outcome . Instead we saw. 1...Kh6
2.Rh4+ Kg6 3.Rg4 this forced off the Rooks and the a-pawn promoted.

tritonix - Chessward RHP 2020 (Black to play)

1...f5 should draw. But 1...Kg5 was played. 2.Ra5 the Rooks came off and it was 1-0.

steen49 - spartangreek RHP 2021

Next it appears both players did not know a bog standard winning/drawing procedure

vision1959 - zsleep RHP 2022

See the missed opportunities below for one more classic example of a
Red Hot Pawn player going astray in a Rook v promoted pawn ending.

I mentioned this self inflicted Queen trap in 2015. Back then there were
96 victims. A quick look has revealed this is now up to 139 the latest is;

luckytuck - Curtis Motes RHP 2023


Title here

mcmahon - Allen Montgomery RHP 2023 (Black to play)

Yet another remarkable position from a Red Hot Pawn game.1....g2+ 2.Qxg2 Rxg2
is stalemate and 1...Rxa8, which was played, is stalemate. However there is a win.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 197799


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