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Captain Scott + Missed Brillo + Avatars

You know what it’s like.

You stand in the queue for ages at the Post Office to buy
a sheet of 2nd class stamps for 2nd hand Christmas cards
only get told they have sold out.

What kind of Post Office runs out of stamps? ...

4 Consecutive Checks Ending in a Mate


136069 mentions and displays a game
where a player gets out check by giving checkmate.

One example here will suffice. What I like about this one is
the check and the checkmate are written as the same move.
hxg5+ is answered by hxg5 mate...

Influentual Chess Moments....


Who and what influences the type of Chess Players we become?

A thread on here brought back a moment that I'm pretty sure
helped me set up my stall.

In 135047 the talk about Banned Big Ron has died awa...

Players Resigning in Drawn Positions

Hi Chaps.

Don’t’ bother looking at this.

3b4/8/5kp1/6pP/8/4K3/8/6B1 w - - 0 1
I wrote to FIFA to see if I could take the place of Magnus Carlsen
in the World Chess Championship. ...

Mate in 6 Easy Steps

Hi Chaps.

Solve this. It came from Leonard Barden’s Guardian column
on Saturday 13th November 2010.

Black to play and mate in 6 moves.
Hopless Harry ...

Manchester Utd v Chelsea + Opening Graveyard

Manchester Utd v Chelsea or better known as…

no title


New RHP Rules and the Sockdolager?


Today we have a bit of fun by looking at the new value
of the pieces and apparently a new winning rule.

no title

So we must forget...

Smothered Mates and Unsound Sacs


The theme this week appears to be never give up.

We often see frustrated players posting that their opponents will
not resign. There is nothing in the rules that states a player must resign.
And why should they? Point them here. ...

Chess Bunkers + Fischer & Tal + The 25 Year Itch

There will one or two reading this who went to school in the early 60’s.
Do any of you remember the Atomic bomb drills at school?

The janitor would blow a whistle and we would all crouch down
under our desks with our fingers in our ears and eyes shut tight.
Anyone who got caught peeking would get thrashed.

The school had a cellar and originally that was to be used in case...

The Puzzle + Beat Your Box + B v N Stats.

You pay a surprised visit to your granddad, bring him some peppermints
or something like that.
When he is sitting comfortably you grabbed his ancient wooden chessboard.

board complete

And with the aid of a hidden chainsaw you cut it in two thus...
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