Comical Observations + 2½ smashing OTB games.

Comical Observations + 2½ smashing OTB games.

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Comical Observations + 2½ smashing OTB games.

The Edinburgh Festival. is now entering it’s 3rd and final week.
Thank God.

You spend the first 7 months looking forward to it and when it
finally arrives you wish it was all over.

My work place gets loads and loads of freebie ticket.
During the first week the squabbling for the tickets can breaks up
friendships forged over the years.
Now they sit in a huge unwanted pile on a table in the canteen.
Even the cleaners have started to ignore them.

I’m shattered from going to late night shows watching dull comics.
I would not pay to see some of the stuff that passes for comedy and
the only thing that brought a smile to face was the fact I didn’t.

Nobody tells jokes anymore. It’s all “comical observations.”

Which is what I have just done. 😉

Some pics of the loonies to brighten up the page.

I caught this guy. (not too bad actually).

a poster

I’m rarely without a felt tipped pen. (I think he looks better)

a better poster

This one is apparently the beast from “Beauty and the Beast.”

The Beast

I never saw Beauty. But I did bump into my Dad.


I’ve no idea about what play this one was in, she just looked cute.


Then suddenly I was surrounded by Zombies.

no title

They are doing the ‘Fall of the House of Usher.”
Have to check out the canteen table to see if we have a freebie for that one.

green bar

OK a slight change of format. Two OTB games.
I think RHP is a natural and perfect training ground for OTB play,
which is really the only way to play the game. Face to face.

Here you can try out opening ideas or follow theory and see if you like
or dislike what you get.

You can set the board up (highly recommended) and toss the bits about
in the middle game. A 100% way of avoiding those silly blunders.

In the endings you can perfect your endgame technique.
(or display for the whole world to see the total lack of it.).

Keep your important games tally low. Play 40-50 games if you want.
But select 5 or 6 to give that 100% effort.

The rest you can use to trick, trap and hack away.
Invent new opening traps or fall into those that are now covered in cobwebs.
Practise your tactics or plans in the middle game.
Learn how to offer a draw in endings.

First is one for the under 1400 guys.
Dr. Hartlaub - Testa Germany 1900’s

Dr. Hartlaub likes mating with a Rook and Bishop after a Firework Display.
Watch how he wrapped up this one. Dr. Hartlaub - Benary, Munich 1911.

Next, by request, something for the slightly stronger players.

Right let us look at this position.
It is from S. Gordon - M. Adams British Championship 2010.

White has a Bishop against a Knight and a passed pawn on the Kingside.
Also the Black King has been disturbed and he has a doubled pawn.

Cue Capablanca and a weak Black “I’ll roll over instructively.” opponent.
Bring on Fred Reinfeld to write the Black obituary.
Stick it on page 57 under the banner. The Outside Passed Pawn.

Andrew Greet now points out in his excellent notes to this game in
CHESS September 2010.

This is surface analysis (…and that is what most of us do.)
Looking deeper, (which is what Adams did to accept this position.)

The Bishop lacks scope and the Knight after Nd7 - e5 will be just as
good as if not better than the Bishop. (better) The Black King is not exposed.

Thank you Andrew. I’ll use you again in the opening.

That position pops up in the following game.
“What about the passed pawn?”
Don’t fret, White still has it at the end of the game.


OK. I can do a link with the previous game.

druss - Sci Fi West RHP 2006

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