'The Queens Gambit’ and Najdorf.

'The Queens Gambit’ and Najdorf.

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'The Queens Gambit’ and Najdorf.

I've not yet watched the ‘Queen Gambit’ but I have been swamped by the adverts for it.

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My first thought was I’m sure I have seen the girl who plays Beth Harmon before.

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She’s the girl who played the Martian woman in Mars Attacks!

green pawns

Thanks to this covid thing and all it’s mutations I’ve been stuck indoors.
I’ve been re-reading and playing over games from all the books I have.

The routine is simple. One game per book and then pick another book and
my rules are I must play over a game won by the loser in the previous book.

I’ve chosen this game to share with you because of the introduction. It was played in the
round following Fischer’s win v Najdorf (Game 40 in Fischer’s 60 Memorable Games)

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M. Najdorf - L. Portisch, Varna Olympiad 1962

Najdorf admits he blundered away a central pawn (10...Nxd4) and then goes onto
to explain his thinking. He could not understand how such a move could be possible.

He had done nothing wrong regarding opening principles. So either his opponent is
a genius or an idiot. Najdorf then reasons that a genius is born once every 100 years
but an idiot is born everyday. So there must be something wrong with Black’s move.

So that now means I have to find a book with Portisch win in it. Good fun this.

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alan holman - 17ray RHP 2016

Black should have played 17...Kg8 but 17...Qxa1 18. Ba3+ won the errant Queen.

Ironknee - Last Stand RHP 2014

Black can take the e4 Bishop (good) or the a1 Rook (bad) 34...Qxa1? was played.

Arrakis - benilea RHP 2007

This one is funny. White can win with 14. Bh6 and the threat of Qf8 is hard to meet.
Instead White played 14.Ba3+ White missed that the b5 Knight is pinned. 14...Qxa3.

This next one is the complete game. A joy to play over.

CHESSBALLERS - Danibonilha RHP 2011

wrong place

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 188182

I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.
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