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1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

Chess Ladders
PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber bvinci2334Games19 Aug '18 04:58-Defending
20Subscriber NN Cheap2145Games18 Aug '18 22:58-Defending
30Subscriber Bullwinkle22246Games18 Aug '18 17:18-Defending
40Subscriber silentknights On Vacation2241Games19 Aug '18 06:08ChallengingDefending
50Subscriber afcacbs2155Games18 Aug '18 10:33ChallengingDefending
60Subscriber Pattrick062222Games19 Aug '18 05:57-Defending
7+10Subscriber QUAGMYR2316Games19 Aug '18 05:07Challenging-
8-1Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1935Games18 Aug '18 08:19ChallengingDefending
9-1Standard member NoPainNoGain2126Games18 Aug '18 21:05-Defending
10-1Subscriber pilgrim1522124Games17 Aug '18 18:20--
11-1Subscriber ZonaGrad2319Games19 Aug '18 05:30-Defending
12-1Subscriber tappa2383Games18 Aug '18 09:23ChallengingDefending
13-1Subscriber Jack Bertram2053Games18 Aug '18 21:14ChallengingDefending
14-1Subscriber taoberonline1944Games19 Aug '18 06:18ChallengingDefending
15-1Subscriber HappyChappy2066Games19 Aug '18 03:07ChallengingDefending
16-1Subscriber hellpudding2020Games19 Aug '18 00:24ChallengingDefending
17-1Subscriber klopdisselboomonline1888Games19 Aug '18 06:13-Defending
180Subscriber beerNblues1972Games19 Aug '18 03:54--
19+4Subscriber bozgy1656Games18 Aug '18 14:17ChallengingDefending
20-1Donation Quirine1920Games18 Aug '18 20:34-Defending
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This chess ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.