PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscribertappa2350Games09 Nov '22 07:50-Defending
20Subscriberglenamaddaonline2075Games29 Nov '22 18:49-Defending
30Subscriberjankrbonline2060Games29 Nov '22 18:54-Defending
40SubscriberAspasia2201Games29 Nov '22 17:50-Defending
50Subscribergrandmasteryoda2136Games29 Nov '22 12:53-Defending
60Subscriberklopdisselboom1802Games29 Nov '22 00:15-Defending
70SubscriberNN Cheap2387Games29 Nov '22 17:11ChallengingDefending
80Subscriberchmrjg1588Games29 Nov '22 18:44ChallengingDefending
90SubscriberJonPenny2012Games28 Nov '22 20:34-Defending
100Subscribershaptoni1708Games29 Nov '22 07:55ChallengingDefending
110Subscriberabalone1935Games29 Nov '22 01:53ChallengingDefending
12+8SubscriberBart Kortum1442Games29 Nov '22 17:20ChallengingDefending
13-1Subscriberpolo20001476Games29 Nov '22 14:52--
14-1SubscriberShelrock571510Games29 Nov '22 15:42ChallengingDefending
15-1SubscriberCaravan Man1501Games29 Nov '22 16:35-Defending
16-1Subscriberzanussi1512Games29 Nov '22 08:04-Defending
17-1SubscriberMAN O WAR1800Games29 Nov '22 17:43ChallengingDefending
18-1Subscriberjonevery1845Games28 Nov '22 18:23ChallengingDefending
19-1Subscriberbvinci2412Games29 Nov '22 14:28ChallengingDefending
20+27SubscriberPenguin3031622Games28 Nov '22 20:37--
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Comments (3)

  • Posted 434 days 23 hours and 28 minutes ago | Edited
    Several things can block you from challenging someone. The main one is if you are ALREADY challenging someone in this ladder. The next most frequent one is if all the people in the range above you are already defending against challenges. The third one is a glitch in the system. Be patient, and all three will resolve themselves.
  • Posted 709 days 18 hours and 14 minutes ago
    SubscriberLarry Kasparov
    Can someone tell me how I can challenge someone else please?
  • Posted 1108 days 17 hours and 20 minutes ago
    i cannot challenge a player

    This chess ladder has a 14 day timebank for all games.

    Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

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