Grandmaster Games Database
Sergio C Giardelli vs Anatoly Karpov0-1401980Buenos AiresA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Vlastimil Hort vs Frantisek Blatny1-0311968CSR-chA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Vladimir Akopian vs Walter Browne1-0271994World opA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Aleksander Wojtkiewicz vs Zbigniew Jasnikowski1-0311989POL-chA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Alexander Alekhine vs Siegbert Tarrasch1-0571922ViennaA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Jose Raul Capablanca vs Philip Stuart Milner Barry1-0361936MargateA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Emanuel Lasker vs Conel Hughes Alexander1-0341936NottinghamA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Salo Flohr vs Max Euwe½-½341932Amsterdam/Karlsbad mA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Ludek Pachman vs Jonathan Penrose1-0411954Amsterdam olmA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Helmut Pfleger vs Walter Browne½-½131978IBMA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Normunds Miezis vs Yasser Seirawan1-047200034th OlympiadA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Mikheil Mchedlishvili vs Predrag Nikolic½-½2920034th IECCA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
John L Watson vs Leonid Shamkovich½-½201978Lloyds Bank opA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Jonathan Berry vs Walter Browne0-1401999Koltanowski Team MatchA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Rene Libeau vs Pavel Blatny0-1251992MuensterA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Ram Soffer vs Pavel Blatny1-0521999Budapest FS10 GMA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Mihai Grunberg vs Predrag Nikolic0-16220045th IECCA26English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Alexander Ivanov1-0391989USA-chA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Gregory Kaidanov vs Milan Drasko½-½131988Moscow-AA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
Vasily Smyslov vs E. Schroeder1-0391965SantiagoA25English Closed system (without ...d6)Browse
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    Opening : English Closed system (without ...d6)

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