Grandmaster Games Database
Garry Kasparov vs Alexander Beliavsky½-½341980BakuA13Mieses OpeningBrowse
Garry Kasparov vs Anatoly Karpov1-0641987World Championship 34th-KK4A14Mieses OpeningBrowse
Garry Kasparov vs Martinez1-0571991Galicia simulA28Mieses OpeningBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Michael Adams½-½811992Roquebrune rapidA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Anthony Kosten vs Michael Adams0-1342003National IA13Mieses OpeningBrowse
Karen Ashotovich Grigorian vs Lev Alburt1-0401972URS-ch40A01Mieses OpeningBrowse
Lev Alburt vs Mikhail Shereshevski1-0401974URS CupA16Mieses OpeningBrowse
Mikhail Gurevich vs Viswanathan Anand½-½7120026th Corsica MastersA20Mieses OpeningBrowse
Ulf Andersson vs Gennadi Sosonko½-½261976Biel InterzonalA13Mieses OpeningBrowse
Raymond Keene vs Ulf Andersson½-½141978ClarinA30Mieses OpeningBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Ulf Andersson½-½241978Hastings7879A30Mieses OpeningBrowse
Dirk Poldauf vs Maurice Ashley0-1471992New York opA36Mieses OpeningBrowse
Michael Bezold vs Maurice Ashley1-0481998Europe vs AmericasA14Mieses OpeningBrowse
Yuri Averbakh vs Harry Golombek1-0331959Hastings5960A16Mieses OpeningBrowse
Yuri Averbakh vs H. Burger1-0361959Hastings5960A36Mieses OpeningBrowse
Hans Ree vs Yuri Averbakh½-½261966Titovo UziceA14Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Vladimir Malaniuk0-1831983URS-ch50A25Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Lars Bo Hansen1-0371989OHRA-BA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Murray Chandler1-0411989Lloyds Bank opA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Konstantin Lerner1-0411989Thaelmann memA25Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Konstantin Aseev1-0471990Lvov ztA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Juan Carlos Gil Reguera vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili0-1411991Oviedo rapidA36Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Vadim Zvjaginsev1-0371994Moscow ol (Men)A13Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Ricardo Montecatine1-0141994Sevilla opA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Zurab Azmaiparashvili vs Raj Tischbierek½-½2020012nd IECCA12Mieses OpeningBrowse
Slim Belkhodja vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili½-½212002FIDE GPC44Mieses OpeningBrowse
Ian Rogers vs Etienne Bacrot0-1531998Cap d\'Agde KOA06Mieses OpeningBrowse
Jan Timman vs Evgeny Bareev1-0391991TilburgA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Jan Timman vs Evgeny Bareev½-½311997UbedaA29Mieses OpeningBrowse
Kiril Georgiev vs Evgeny Bareev½-½401998Sarajevo BosniaA25Mieses OpeningBrowse

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