Grandmaster Games Database
Maurice Ashley vs Michael Adams½-½601996New York CITSE44King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs Maurice Ashley½-½381988World opB89SicilianBrowse
Nick E De Firmian vs Maurice Ashley1-0461988World opB89SicilianBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Gary W Lane1-0361988World opA13English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Pal Benko½-½311988World opA21Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
James Rizzitano vs Maurice Ashley0-1411988World opB88Dunst (Sleipner, Heinrichsen) OpeningBrowse
M. Cronin vs Maurice Ashley½-½221989US opA49King's Indian Fianchetto without c4Browse
James B Hove vs Maurice Ashley½-½321989US opB66SicilianBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Denis Allan0-1251989US opA33English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs P. Cobert1-0381989US opA21English OpeningBrowse
Daniel E Shapiro vs Maurice Ashley0-1371989New York ManhattanE45Nimzo-Indian 4.e3, Bronstein (Byrne) va...Browse
Aleksander Wojtkiewicz vs Maurice Ashley½-½361989New York ManhattanE06Reti OpeningBrowse
Asa Hoffmann vs Maurice Ashley1-0321989New York ManhattanB28Sicilian O'Kelly variationBrowse
Gildardo Garcia vs Maurice Ashley1-0381989New York ManhattanB66SicilianBrowse
Daniel Edelman vs Maurice Ashley½-½111989New York ManhattanB82SicilianBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Ronald Young1-0211989New York ManhattanA28English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Mladen Vucic½-½71989New York ManhattanA07Reti King's Indian attack (Barcza syste...Browse
Maurice Ashley vs Raymond Stone0-1331989New York ManhattanA30English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Michael A Brooks0-1461989New York ManhattanA16English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Josif Feigelson1-0321989Manhattan CCA33English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Luis Bernardo Hoyos Millan½-½381989Manhattan CCE69English OpeningBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Alex Yermolinsky0-1411989Manhattan CCA30English Symmetrical variationBrowse
Jay R Bonin vs Maurice Ashley0-1511989Manhattan CCB08Modern defenceBrowse
Mark Ginsburg vs Maurice Ashley½-½621989Manhattan CCA04Reti OpeningBrowse
Walter Shipman vs Maurice Ashley1-0401989Manhattan CCB06Modern defenceBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Jay R Bonin½-½421989New York ManhattanA07Reti OpeningBrowse
Karl Thorsteins vs Maurice Ashley½-½371989New York opA67Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Anatoly Lein0-1351989New York opA28Grob's attackBrowse
Juan Mario Gomez Esteban vs Maurice Ashley½-½411989New York opA30Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Dmitry Gurevich0-11081989New York opE20Nimzo-Indian Romanishin-Kasparov (Stein...Browse
    Mar 06 1966

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