Grandmaster Games Database
Otto Borik vs Nick E De Firmian0-1831981Baden-BadenD40Reti OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Vlastimil Hort0-1391981Baden-BadenD22Reti OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Vlastimil Hort½-½151981BochumE16Reti OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Vlastimil Hort0-1501983Bundesliga 8283A67Reti OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Otto Borik1-0421981Bundesliga 8081C42Petrov Classical attackBrowse
Lubomir Kavalek vs Otto Borik½-½491979GER-W chT 7879D32Bird's OpeningBrowse
Lubomir Kavalek vs Otto Borik½-½151981BochumD41Reti OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Lubomir Kavalek½-½381982Bundesliga 8182E12Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Otto Borik1-0261981Baden-BadenA57Benko gambitBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Otto Borik1-0481986Vienna opA59Benko gambit acceptedBrowse
Otto Borik vs Anthony J Miles0-1491979DortmundB42Sicilian Kan, 5.Bd3Browse
Anthony J Miles vs Otto Borik1-0411981Baden-BadenA07Benko's OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Anthony J Miles½-½241982Bundesliga 8182E42Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 c5, 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein...Browse
John Nunn vs Otto Borik1-0281979DortmundB33Sicilian Pelikan, Chelyabinsk variationBrowse
Otto Borik vs Ludek Pachman1-0431996Bundesliga 9596D04Reti OpeningBrowse
Zoltan Ribli vs Otto Borik1-0331981Baden-BadenA09Reti Advance variationBrowse
Zoltan Ribli vs Otto Borik½-½491991Bundesliga 9091D06Reti OpeningBrowse
Otto Borik vs Boris Spassky½-½361981Bundesliga 8081E07Reti OpeningBrowse
Boris Spassky vs Otto Borik1-0651983Bundesliga 8283B23Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Otto Borik vs Jon Speelman0-1301981DortmundE13Queen's Indian 4.Nc3Browse
Otto Borik vs Wolfgang Uhlmann0-1362000Bundesliga 1999-2000E99Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Wolfgang Unzicker vs Otto Borik1-0501981Baden-BadenB64Sicilian Richter-Rauzer, Rauzer attack,...Browse

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