2024 March Open Quartet I

2024 March Open Quartet I

Tournament Round 1

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Group 1
In progress6
1798 white win36white winwhite win
1650black win 28white win53
14803530 35white win
1277black winblack winblack win white win
1276black winwhite winblack winblack win 
Total score186963
Max. possible score24152496
Group 2
All games complete0
1740 white winwhite winwhite win
1511black win black winwhite win
1422black windraw white win
1364drawblack winblack win 
Total score167101
Max. possible score167101
Group 3
All games complete0
1555 white winwhite winwhite win
1549black win white winwhite win
1177black winblack win black win
1071black winblack winwhite win 
Total score181206
Max. possible score181206
Group 4
All games complete0
1750 drawwhite winwhite win
1605black win white winwhite win
1576drawwhite win white win
1297black winblack winblack win 
Total score1410100
Max. possible score1410100
Group 5
All games complete0
1704 white winwhite winwhite win
1669white win drawwhite win
1665black winwhite win white win
1057black winblack winblack win 
Total score1510100
Max. possible score1510100
Group 6
All games complete0
2321 white winwhite winwhite win
1733draw drawwhite win
1605black winblack win white win
1272black winblack winblack win 
Total score161170
Max. possible score161170
Group 7
All games complete0
1608 white windrawwhite win
1433black win white winwhite win
1249black winblack win black win
1242black winblack winwhite win 
Total score161216
Max. possible score161216
Group 8
All games complete0
1646 black winwhite winwhite win
1574white win white winwhite win
1470black winwhite win white win
1204drawblack winblack win 
Total score101591
Max. possible score101591
Group 9
Group decided2
1666 white winwhite winwhite win
1542black win black winblack win
1512black winwhite win 40
1429black winwhite win41 
Total score18066
Max. possible score1801212
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3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress.

Winner of the final group wins the tournament.