10/29/14 Blitz Chess

10/29/14 Blitz Chess

Archrival's Chess Corner

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10/29/14 Blitz Chess

Hey Guys.

I'm doing a Wednesday lesson as today is my only day off this week from work as I found out on Monday I'm doing a 16 hour shift on Saturday.

I had these videos prepared just for such an occasion, I explained a little about Blitz chess and time pressure.

You really can not explain it to someone who doesn't know what it is like with out them having them go through it them self.

Blitz Chess, although it is chess it almost a different game entirely. It is a pure adrenaline rush when playing 1 or 2 minute chess and it is about hustling your opponent and moving on instinct, some get rid of their pieces because then they have less to think about and make it easier on your self. Others are able to play proper games in under a minute. Using your time to think quickly so as your moving you already have your hand on the piece ready to move instantly.

In todays video I play speed chess on my chess program Chessmaster then I look at a couple of videos on Youtube. I wanted to show you what Redhotpawn.com Blitz room looks like in real life. Then there is a 1 minute game being played, for those that have never seen either of these should prove interesting.

I also wanted to post this video: I grew up playing with the program Chessmaster 8k the Games annotated by Josh are a marvelous teaching tool, he likes to attack and sacrifice just like I do so I really appeal to his game style and teachings.

It is hard not to his 1st game he was 10, just 10 years old.

For anyone seriously wanting to improve their game to their next level. I would recommend getting the Chessmaster program, you maybe able to find a copy in the shops some where.

I got mine at goodoldgames.com (gog.com) if you have trouble finding it message me and I'll hook you up with a url

Also I subscribed to a new channel too, Chess Queen. The womans 12th World chess Channel.

Videos about how she became the champion and some really good stuff.
link below


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