Archrival's Chess Corner introduction

Archrival's Chess Corner introduction

Archrival's Chess Corner

Archrival's Chess Corner introduction

Welcome to my new blog here on Redhotpawn,

My aim of the channel and the blog is to help players progress their game. I have notice a lot of guides for the beginners and people just starting to learn the pieces to the other extreme with lessons on the game by Grand Masters.

Although these lessons are great, I have found there is a gap in the middle that really does not help beginners how to get up to that stage.

Now I know I am not a Grand Master, I could of been if I studied harder I suppose but I do know I am good at the game. Good enough to understand what Grand Masters are trying to teach just not at their level to play at the level consistently.

Now my channel target is for all ages, I really enjoyed playing chess in my young years when my ages was still in single digits.

I will be posting daily video game blogs and then at the weekends (or when I'm off from work) I will post Video lessons.

Your ideas for future videos will be great.

I have currently started trying to demonstrate and teach on how to develop a Chess mind how to think, how to think ahead and such. That is one of the good things about me recording my daily games.

I speak out loud, so you hear what I am thinking and you can try to see for your self what I am saying. Then for those struggling I use the analyze feature to show you.

So I have just started doing this, I used to teach a junior team before I moved to the US and I am wanting to convert what I love to online.

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  • Posted 1880 days 7 hours and 49 minutes ago
    Standard memberArchrival
    thanks for the support don't forget to subscribe on the Youtube channel so you can see when the latest videos are posted 🙂
  • Posted 1880 days 11 hours and 41 minutes ago
    Standard memberSchlecter
    excellent, idea for a blog. for sure I'll become your reader
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