Friday Lesson: How you Feeling?

Friday Lesson: How you Feeling?

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This video blog, I admit is going to sound strange and look stranger too, However to me it is the utmost important lesson to mastering chess.

There is books on openings, there is books on middle games, there is books on endings, there is books and videos going over games and mates.

What there isn't is any book or video until now that explains the Emotional side of chess.

How often have you tipped your hand and shown your opponent you have a planned by getting too excited?

How is your poker face?
Do you play angry?

Did you ever get over confident that you slipped up and made a mistake that cost you a win? I know i have many times even on RHP.

Do you know how to bluff your opponent into thinking you have a plan that they can't see, because there isn't any plan?

This is what the video blog is about, the emotional and mental side of chess. The only way I know to learn something that I don't know is to apply it to what I do know which is why I choose this analogy of my desktop screen.

and just to be clear the point of the desktop icons, is meant to demonstrate that with a clear mind you will be able to see the 12 moves ahead with out touching pieces with out having to count your moves. You will be able to see all the combinations through the maze of all possible moves and calculate the best moves and their alternatives.

Chess it's 97% Mental ,1% skill and 2 % luck

It is because of this people spend so much time on openings so they can cruse through a week with out thinking, Know the opening off by heart without having to think so come middle game they got a full Gas tank.

Gary Kasparov is the Mike Tyson of Chess, He's a heavy hitter and you have to wear out his mind power before he does the same to you. So you need to be as strong mentally. If you want to become a decent player with any kind of title.

Pick up Texas Hold'em as a hobby the skills you need for poker are the skills you need to survive the chess board no joke in all seriousness if you don't master the art of a "Poker face" you will have lost the game before you sit down.
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