Happy New year!

Happy New year!

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Happy New year!

January 2014 part 2

I hope everyone enjoy the Holidays and welcome to 2014 part 2 ( 2015 ).

I hope I didn't leave you hanging too much and I hope your minds are eager for more. Since it is the 12th day after Christmas tomorrow officialy trees any and all green must be gone from within the house.
Since we chess players need all the luck we can muster I'll give you a brief second to go run round make sure there is no hidden Holly or pieces of Tree anywhere and get one more kiss under the mistletoe.

So Kids are back to school and as we are all kids at heart I wanted to wait until now before I continued and let everyone enjoy them selves. I am not going to go into anything too heavy today.

However I got a couple of games I wanted to go through with. Feel free to comment after if you disagree with anything or feel you have input I know I am far from master level. Again as a reminder it is my aim to help people to get off the beginning steps and help people to progress where they have the potential to become masters if they studied hard.

I will include the PGN and video once uploaded of the Chessmaster version of the review. See how we go from there.

The 1st game ended very Recently and some may recall I don't get draws often, so it makes my head turn when I get one. Being careful of cause that draws are half a win and half a loss.

This draw came about because, when it came to the end even though I had one (1) pawn advantage, I took into the account that wouldn't be enough to force the win material was equal and I took in account my opponents ratting and how he played so far proved they were no fool. I calculated that I could try to force the win however I was not sure how and I believed my opponent was equal to anything I could throw and anything he could throw at me. So I offered the draw and it was accepted

The 1st mistake I saw was by Black on move 10. moving the Knight to the side on a5, there was a lot of options that would of helped to improve Blacks position like Be6 or even attacking move with Bg4. The knight being on the side together with Blacks 2nd mistake on move 13 with Rg8 which allowed me to fork his two pieces Bishop and Knight. Which allowed me to get the piece back in exchange for 3 pawns. In the end I was two pawns down instead of 3.

My first not so good move is on move 16, Ba3. The threat was obvious of the potential fork with the Knight, Queen next move. My Aim also was however to keep the King in the middle as he could not castle while I already castled to safety and that Bishop was locking daggers at the f8 square. I just feel there was a better move. However I do see if I didn't make that move I would have to do something about that pawn either give it up or defend it.

Blacks 18th move is worth looking, I believe the better move here would have been d2. The threat of Re1 is the attack on the potential attack. However there is two attacking the e5 pawn and two defending. Perhaps even Bg4 again. The move Black plays Knight g5 is not a bad move, Just rather interesting however I feel he would of made things worse for me with the pawn on d2.

The 2nd game is a good example exploiting on what is left behind, however not to get too confident golfnatural made great attempt to stalemate even though he knew he had lost. He dug his heals in if you do not watch you step and do your maths you can end up throwing away win.

For that along it is worth a look.

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