Sunday round-up

Sunday round-up

Archrival's Chess Corner

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Sunday round-up

I apologize for not doing a Sunday video and the Saturday lesson I will do next week. I work for my local ISP company and they been keeping me busy, keeping everyone's internet working.

So my last post on Friday was about keeping your head in the game. About keeping your emotions in check if anyone masters this please teach me.

These passed few weeks my head been all over the place and it effected my chess...

Firekeeper in the welcome game, I grew over confident and he Capitalized my mistake and made me pay for it. Justly so, he made couple of mistakes here and there which is ok he is just starting here.

I invited him for a re-match and the next day I was really angry at the world and work with people that I had to help find the "2" button on the keyboard for example, unfortunately poor Firekeeper got in the way of that anger. It is the sort of game you don't take pleasure in winning and I was glad that it was only a chess game and not anything else, I wanted to apologize to Firekeeper for my miss directed anger.

Then I became frustrated because my opponent made a mistake, that sounds strange doesn't it? Why would I not want my opponent to make a mistake...because of the one thing we all want as chess players to have a really good game to know we won because we bested the other player not because of a silly mistake.

With me playing White, I had a really strong potential attack building on the king side and Black miss counted the moves and capturing one of my pieces not seeing that he could be re-taken and it cost him the game.

GAPAC in both games we had really good games and complicated positions etc the games could of gone either way.

With me playing as Black, the only real mistake GAPAC made was...well I was taught if a Rook can get to your 2nd rank safely all alarm bells should be ringing. I believe he saw the threat and just didn't see how dangerous it was.

Then finally you get some games you know you've won when you can spot the potential Philidor's mate coming and force it. In fact I had to tell someone on youtube recently this mate happens more often than not, Rookworm saw the danger and displayed courage instead of running into the corner and hide, he turned and faced the end head on.

So I hope you can see, or feel just how much Chess is a game of emotions, It is at its very core of the game. So if you have to sit on your hands to stop you moving too early don't ever feel bad.
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