The power of the Queen

The power of the Queen

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The power of the Queen

The Queen,

The queen in your army is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. There is lessons to be learned about chess in the real world. The Show Tudors is a perfect example there is even an episode called Checkmate.

If people know you love your Queen, they may make the Queen a target knowing if they hurt the queen they hurt you. Going back to the example of the show Tudors, King Henry had to worry about the honor and protect his Future Queen from those who seek to discredit her or hurt her. Perhaps to the point of distraction where he should of focused on other matters instead of just her.

How this reflects in chess is simple bring your queen out too early or unsupported and you will have to put your plans on hold while you deal with the lash back from your opponent attacking your Queen or pushing her back.

There is a reason why I am using the picture of the lovey Natalie Domer as her features are very seductive and women can charm a man bending him to her will. This applies to Chess too ok so the pieces doesn't have the long black eye lashes and blue eyes. However the pieces being able to move in all directions needs to be watched and admitted the piece of the Chess queen next to the King stands out and for a reason.

The Queens greatest strength is when her power and influence is felt not seen for if you see the Queen it is already too late.

Queen Katherine's power was felt long after her body was in the grave and Henry was on to his 3rd wife.

The longer you keep the Queen where she starts from the greater her potential power and strength gets as the board opens up the more squares she can control stopping your opponent making them keep an eye out for your Queen just one more thing they have to keep on their mind one more thing they have to think about every time they move.

Team work

Although the Queen is powerful on her own in her own right, if she is on her own with out support she is also very weak and very vulnerable a Queen doesn't get to become Queen unless she has help or support, money keeping the Kings eye on her and not anything else that walks by. Bringing the queen out on the 3rd move is like a total stranger walking in on the throne room sitting down next to the king and declares her self Queen, Her position then is very weak.

Use your army to support her and you will go far.

If you are able to understand and want a chess lesson I would recommend watching Tudors. Watch it with the mind of a Chess player and try to identify who is what piece and how the King plays his stratergy.
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