C. H. O'D pt. 2–Smoking Botvinnik+Pipes–Bletchley Park

C. H. O'D pt. 2–Smoking Botvinnik+Pipes–Bletchley Park

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C. H. O'D pt. 2–Smoking Botvinnik+Pipes–Bletchley Park

This section thanks to moonbus, who pm’ed me with the moves and pictures of a chess set he owns that was used by A. L. Moir in a simul against C. H. O’D Alexander. Thanks, moonbus!

THe pieces touched by two British champions!

The knight and rook can be identified as the kingside K and R for notation purposes

C. H. O’D Alexander–Rev. A. L. Moir 1953 Simultaneous

Moir's record of the game


Being fairly strong, C. H. O’D Alexander played several games against strong players, beating Botvinnik and Bronstein while drawing with Alekhine. The game against Botvinnik is beautiful.

Conel Hugh O’Donel Alexander–Mikhail Botvinnik 1946

Variation 1

Skip to move 26.


I had time to work on this blog today because of a burst water pipe, so I thought I’d include–as a quiz– a game I played where White’s pawns gush and overflow Black’s position.

TetsuoKaga(me)-MrBruheim 2015 (on another site) 3min

No notes. Find all the blunders–I count 11.

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