2018 RHP  Christmas Chess Quiz

2018 RHP Christmas Chess Quiz

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2018 RHP Christmas Chess Quiz

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A Merry Christmas to all and what would Christmas be without Charades.
All you have to do is spot the chess link from the charade. The first one is easy.
The answers are right under each picture, just click on the ‘hidden’ button.

A Famous Opening

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Ruy Lopez. Spanish dancer with a monk

You now have the idea. A Famous Player

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Frank Marshall. Marshall Badge and Qg3 from the famous gold coins game.

What is this?

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Bullet Chess

A famous player, A chess piece....an opening.

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Henry Bird, a Rook....the Wing Gambit!

Another Famous Player

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Gunsberg. A gun and an iceberg..

And yet another Famous Player. (clue is the flag in the tower)

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Tartakower. A tart and a tower. Do not groan, I am racking my brains here.

A Famous King on an 8x8 chessboard.

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Henry VIII whose hobby was chopping the heads off Queens.

Famous New Zealand player, what is he doing, (and the red Spassky book.)

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Bob Wade who wrote out in a red folder Spasskys games for Fischer

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The Knight Before Christmas

In the this set of puzzles find the move that gives a player a Christmas present.
Basically you are looking for a blunder, (I’m playing to your strengths here)
In all cases it will feature a Knight move either blundering or winning or both.

I will give an example: JosB - Steve in Sharm RHP 2018 (Black to play)

Here we see a bad Knight move allowing a good Knight move.
Black played 47...Ne2 48.Ne7 mate. Same things happens if 47...Ne4.

Most of these puzzles are from 2018 answers ‘hidden’ underneath each puzzle

masterfosse - bag3 RHP 2018 Black to play.

What did Black play here?
Black played 5...g6 allowing 6.Nf6 mate

hzuck1 - Oktober RHP 2018 (Black to play)

Did Black move the Rook or push one of the pawns?
Black played 49...g4 50.Ng8 Mate. Same thing happens on 49...b4

mahyar1 - Benarr RHP 2018 (White to play)

Only one move allows a self Knight mate...what was it?
White found it 46. Bd4 Nf4 mate.

Zabi Jowshan - Brrr RHP 2018 (Black to play - and not mate yet!)

Black has an apt name for the Winter. He also has a cold heart.
We can see it, but your task is to be as cruel as the frost in that
Good King Wenceslas carol and delay it. What happened next?
Black played 88...Kh6 allowing 89. a8=Q and then played Nf2 mate.

CaptainP - Daniyel RHP 2018 (Black to play)

It end with mate in two (not apparently forced) but that is what happened. How?
14...Ne2+ and instead of playing Kf1 White played 15. Kh1 Nxf2 Mate.

fixli - waynejohn RHP 2018 (Black to play)

Find the two Black moves that allow Black to mate in two.
You can play anything for White as long as it is mate in two.
And I have not made any of these games up. It’s what happened.
57....Kg3 58. Rxf6 Nh6 mate. White only saw the Ne2 mate threat.

That will do for those. I’d to thank all the players whose games I used. I know
99% of these blunders would never happen in OTB chess because then you will
be concentrating on just one game and not skipping through the dozens of games
some of you have on the go at the same time. These are slap the forehead blunders.
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We pause to show you what I think is the RHP Trap of the Year.

Big Larry - thefrosh RHP 2018

It could also qualify as the blunder of the year but there are so many
contenders for that category we would argue all year which one won.

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The Much Loved Red Hot Pawn Chrismas Anagram Competition.

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So do I. This year no Red Hot Pawn Chrismas Anagram Competition.

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Going to get a wee bit tougher for those of you who want a real Christmas Challenge.

El Dubro - eeeeeeef RHP 2018 (where do these people get their niks from)

White to play. Just do it. It works.
17. Qh8+ Kxh8 18. Nxf7+ Kg8 19. Nh6 mate.

A study by Rinck. White to play and win. (solution at the bottom)

Clue: It’s all about the passed a-pawn.

A study by T.B. Gorgiev White to play and win. (solution at the bottom)

Clue: White does not win a piece right away with 1.Rb3+ but go that way.

We end with another study by T.B. Gorgiev White to play and win

Clue: You achieve something you are not meant to do. Mate with two Knights.
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A study by Rinck. White to play and win. (solution)

A study by T.B. Gorgiev White to play and win (solution)

The last study by T.B. Gorgiev White to play and win

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