1,000 Wins = 1,000 Chess Traps

1,000 Wins = 1,000 Chess Traps

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1,000 Wins = 1,000 Chess Traps

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Outside Sandy Bells in Edinburgh. The position was mean to be this:

But someone came out when I was setting it up and a dog ate some of the pieces.
A study by A. S. Kakovin It is White to play and draw (solution at the bottom)
green pawns

Been trying for the past few weeks to get my 1000th win on RHP. I finally did it.
I wanted it to be something special, so took a few chances (more than I normally
do ) to see if I could get a snazzy jazzy win. Most of the traps I set failed and I lost
quite a few games but this one worked. It came in round about win 999 to 1002.

greenpawn34 - kirbythecat January 2020 (A lucky win)

green pawns

Picked up this a few weeks back whilst browsing in a junk shop.

Title here

Published in 1995 the first game, no names stating; ‘...from a recent tournament.’
It’s a known opening trap and I’m happy to report we have an RHP example.

atlantean - Mikalo RHP 2011

Neil’s says: “After 9....exd4 he can play 10.h3! attacking the Knight.
After it retreats (e.g. 10....Nf6) White can follow up with 11.cxd4.”

The book is about planning in Chess, (I figured that out from the title)
so perhaps Neil got side-tracked with this 10...Nf6 move in haste to
get to on with the more juicy subject, the art of planning in Chess.

10....Nf6 gets tactically hammered, I'll show a variation.

So from a loose and forgivable note by Neil McDonald we can look at other avenues.

‘Never retreat an attacked piece if you can find any valid reason not too.’ anon.

(‘anon;’ in this case is me and I just made that up - but it sounds like it something
someone must have said in the past ....it’s possible it was me a few blogs ago.)

red pawns

Title here

Was looking for something else when by chance came across this trick/trap/blunder.

However I remind viewers that this is Red Hot Pawn, an alternative Chess
Universe, and being a piece or two ahead does not always mean a win.

shauldy - jpitsme RHP 2012

green pawns

I was watching Carlsen solving tactical puzzles on YouTube.

Title here

This following one appeared and he got it within 10 seconds.

Title here

I was still thinking about long after it had gone even though the solution zoomed past me.

White to play and win. (A King and Queen v a King and Rook is classed as a win.)

Solution to the study at the beginning of this piece.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 183849
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