2012 RHP Championship - Report Two

2012 RHP Championship - Report Two

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2012 RHP Championship - Report Two


Idiot……You have missed out an ‘I’. (Russ)

It’s fallen down here. The RHP glue is garbage.

,issing I

Can you put it back up?

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First I must thank all my army of little helpers, especially Exuma and
Ponderable for assisting in drawing my attention to games we might be
interested in.

Deciding what to show has become a problem. I’m not in favour of having
too many in one Blog. I'll try and reach what I think is a happy medium.
I now have 750+ completed games from the Champonship and it is not even
two weeks old.

(You left out the 'i' in Championship again.......Russ)

It's here. 'i' it keeps droppin off, get better glue.

Last week we saw Catnap twice pulling of Scholars mate. But it took him
5 moves. This is one is a 4 move resignation with Black getting mated in 6 moves.

Dark Globe (1457) - jjrancourt (1327) RHP Ch. 2012

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talzamir - fridaypub RHP Ch. 2012
Where our dear friend the Assassin Pawn makes a Championship appearance.

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This next one has an amazing turn of events.

fishedout - Mcdave78 RHP Ch 2012

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A nice clean wrap up in raiox - jhpoletti RHP Ch 2012

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We have our first Championship Stalemate.

odoodsdudes - Raampje x RHP Ch 2012. Black to play.

The correct way was 1…Rb3 2.Rxa2 Rb1+ and mate in a few.

Instead it went 1…Kf3 2.Rxa2 Rxa2. ½ - ½

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Rotti - HFRJPcheck RHP Ch. 2012.
Gave us a new variation on the Siberian Trap.
(How about a couple of you lads going to Siberia just to play this trap out.)

Here is the Siberian Mainline. This has caught many victims on RHP.
I am using the player arash because he has caught two players with it.

kdl88 - arash RHP 2005 and DreamKrusher - arash RHP 2005

OTB it also scores very well. Even amongst the 2200+ players.
Tesinszky (2225) - MagerRmov (2500) Budapest 1990 went the same way.

The value of being familiar with some opening traps is you can
use the ideas in different settings.

Now the alternative I was suggesting.


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Jardreamer - ehenes RHP Ch. 2012

Another Sicilian and again opening theory is shunned. This time after 4 moves.
Note once again it the player who makes the ‘odd’ non-theoretical move
that wins the game.

Here is a game from RHP where White gives the 4….d5 idea a sterner test.

Lawrence Schofield - Mountain man RHP 2010

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Finally Mate from a clear blue sky.

S0AP - MEGASERV RHP Ch 2012. White to play.

White is a pawn up and in no apparent danger. Black’s only chance
lay in that passed d-pawn. White goes to pick it up.

1. Qd3 Rxh3 mate.

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The thread accompanying the blog is Thread 145097

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Comments (4)

  • Posted 2863 days 11 hours and 54 minutes ago
    The Thread 145097 has some more games
    and comments by some other players. Well worth a look.
  • Posted 2864 days and 23 minutes ago
    Sorry about the first one - I'll correct it.
    It was me removing a game (another Scholars mate in 4 moves.).
    This is the lad who resigned in 4 moves.
    See the thread.
  • Posted 2864 days 7 hours and 18 minutes ago
    Standard memberdzirilli
    Bg5 check and if the knight blocks, just take it. then it's checkmate.
  • Posted 2864 days 10 hours and 27 minutes ago
    Standard memberaanepade
    Hi Greenpawn.

    In the first game, Ke7 looks like a reasonable move in the position. It's certainly not checkmate...
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