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A Blog To See Before You Die

These things are everywhere.
100 Books

Surely it cannot be long till some bunch of Herberts bring out:



or even…

Just as long as it’s not…

Speaking of Red Hot Pawn I’ve been keeping my slate clean waiting
for the second round of the 2014 Championship to appear in my in tray.

Till then I played a couple of games v that £1.50 computer I bought in Inverness.
I downloaded it’s manual from the net so I could figure out how to set up it’s levels.

This game (don’t moan it’s a good game ) is on level b8 one minute a move.
I don’t play on it’s board even though, surprisingly, it came with all the pieces.
I use one piece to make it’s ‘to and from’ moves and transfer it to a standard set.

computer games

greenpawn - the chess computer

Cute line number one.

Cute line number two.

red pawns

This weeks splat in the face…


…is ashurulz1 - iluvatar RHP 2008

Play this one out, you will be laughing all day.

red pawns

I was asked in a PM if there any examples of checkmate with en passant on RHP.
Although I have posted a few over the past years this one is still the best on here.

This was posted one year ago waiting for the 2nd round of the Championship to start!

Bobbyt65 - Stewie rules RHP 2006
You the readers will have to decide.

1) Did Black know about the en passant rule?
2) Did Black overlook the en passant capture?

We join the game with White in Check and Black just about to miss a hook mate in 4.

We close with this bright and breezy game.
Lundos - allstarjaffe RHP 2011

This game ends with a Family Fork Checkmate from an Evans Gambit.

Today I’ve decided it should be called the Captain Evans Gambit because Evans
was the Captain of a ship when he discovered it. Of course it is a great pity that
I do not know the name of the ship, then we could name the gambit after the ship.

Finally here is a picture of me and my imaginary friend.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 160625
Where already we may have discovered the name of Evan's ship.
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