A Chess Coincidence  and 1813

A Chess Coincidence and 1813

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A Chess Coincidence and 1813

Hands up everyone who knows about Egerton Smith (1774-1842 ).
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1. 32-33 47-45
2. 22 -24 58-14
Is Fool’s Mate.

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No more clues....look at this.
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Egerton, or ‘Eggie’ to his friends is credited with editing the very first
chess column which he started in 1813 in the Liverpool Echo. above is
a problem reportedly from the 2nd column with ‘The Smith Notation.’
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It is White to play and checkmate Black in 3 moves.

Of note is Egerton’s attempt to introduce this form of Numeric Notation to
the British public. It is very similar to the notation used by checkers players

I’ll give the solution at the bottom of the page.

Recently I tried to convince the world to change to a new form chess of notation.
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1.e4 would now be 1.d4 and 1.d4 would be 1.n4. As yet no interest but give it time.
red pawns

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Today we visit Hastings. It is round 5 on the 30th December 1922.

Sitting at adjoining boards we now watch the games between Akiba
Rubinstein v Adrian Conde and Frederick Yates v Philip Sergeant.
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Both games from different openings had arrived at the exact same position.
White won both games. I’ll put them in the thread at the bottom of the page

Philipowski - Send, Norway 1997 also reach this position from a different opening.

Of course A few RHP players have also been here. Today we look at:

klopdisselboom - Dommersnes RHP 2009

red doom

The World Cup is on. I was hoping Switzerland would get to the final because I had a
load of Swiss System jokes ready (it was the only chess related thing I could think of.)

But despair not, the RHP Hall of Doom has a few football related entries.

bks2000 - Cealoch RHP 2011 (White to play has the ball)

White just needs to take out the defender on f6 13.Nxf6+ and score with
14.Qxh7 mate. But White crossed the ball too early and played 13,Qxh7+ .

Extra time was not needed after 13...Nxh7 0-1

stephensmith - rigidwithfear RHP 2010

Black misses an open goal only to be allowed a tap in a few moves later.

Grahm - honus RHP 2011

We blow full time with this joyful little game. A lovely trap by Black that was seen
and then stepped on. Looks like Black ran out of ideas when choosing his nickname.

borntodestroy - 1992 RHP 2011

green pawns

Solution to the problem in the 1813 Liverpool Echo. Mate in 3.

1. Bb7+ Rxb7 2. Rc8+ Rb8 3. Nc7 Checkmate.

Back then in Smith Notation it would be 1. 8-7 7-7 2. 2. 6-8 7-8 3. 3.5-7 mate.

I found an RHP game with a similar set-up. It too belongs in the ‘Hall of Doom’.
emptyliquid - GPrincip RHP 2013

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 177636
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