A Chess Trap No One On RHP Has Fallen Into

A Chess Trap No One On RHP Has Fallen Into

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A Chess Trap No One On RHP Has Fallen Into

The Road signs have been arriving. Thank you one and all.

The first one in came from Moonbus and this sign is found in Germany.

Title here

Now a mixture of street names all from around the London area.

Title here

Title here

Title here

Title here

Of course we read road signs (certain patterns) on the chessboard and the more road
signs you know and understand what they mean, then the better driver you become.

Two direction signs appeared recently at the same time in one of my games.

Penguin303 - greenpawn34 RHP 2019 (Black to play.)

The knack is not only knowing where the signs lead, first you must spot them.

Yes I’m the exchange up but no need to get sloppy. Won King and pawn
endings are the easiest to play, all you need is the ability to count up to 8.

First I can see a7-a5 creates a passed pawn and on the other side of
the board we have on one of those cases where one pawn holds two.

The Black pawn can take either pawn if it advances and promotes first.
Spotting these two road signs when they appeared I took the right path.

another set of road signs that appeared and this time missed in an RHP game.

Road Sign 1. (it’s really chess patterns but if this way helps anyone then job done.)

thefrosh - PooDawg98 RHP 2018 (white to play)

Easy. 1.Rh8 Rxa7 2.Rh7+ skewering the Rook. 1-0.

Road sign 2. Patterns really do help chess players. The more you know the better you are.

actuals - The checkmate junior RHP 2011 (white to play)

White missed the stalemate road sign, took a wrong turn. played 1.f4 stalemate.

So we combine the two road and both players appear to have missed this it.

ettemarc - helltrekker RHP 2014

red pawns

Title here

Now a complete surprise. An opening trap no one on RHP has (yet) fallen for!

A look at a more radical attempt to try and free the wayward Black Queen.

To say I am disappointed in you lot is an understatement. here is a perfect instructive
example of pawn pinching with a Queen in the opening and you have failed to play it.
However the bones of the trap (same idea from a different opening) has been played.

Piyush Maheshwari - prabhu7777777 RHP 2009

green pawns

Title here

This fits the RHP bill. Sit back and enjoy. You will just love this.

R. Austin - G. Chandler, Edinburgh Club Championship 1980

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