A Cool Chess Player and Queen Skewers.

A Cool Chess Player and Queen Skewers.

The Planet Greenpawn

A Cool Chess Player and Queen Skewers.

This is me showing off my super-duper looking Edinburgh Chess Club
jersey and club cup and coaster. By all means ‘checks al checks’ and
watch out for those loose piece, but always and I mean this, look cool.

no title

I posted this on Face Book to make them jealous but there I called the
‘cup’ a ‘mug’ very soon one wise guy quipped; ‘I can see two mugs!’

But enough of this tomfoolery, on with the blog.

First we look at this study by Dr H Neustadt from 1897.
The theme is how two advanced pawns beat a Rook.

One of the instructive positions was in that study was what if Black had taken the Bishop.

It is easy to see that the Rook after h7 cannot stop the h-pawn. A pattern worth knowing.
In this RHP game both players miss this idea till one of them forces the other to play it.

Chris Peters - Shravan S RHP 2019

We saw in the Dr Neustadt study how a Bishop given itself up to push through a pawn.
Next we have an RHP game that has so much instruction in it, it could almost be a study.

ol53 - texasnurse RHP 2020

I found this next one on a page of combinations to solve in a 1958 CHESS Magazine.

Lilienthal v N.N. White to play. (can anybody supply any other details?)

Two clues, first ‘Checks ALL Checks!’ Next clue is a Red Hot Pawn game.

Bambooshoot - kezzy RHP 2012

Now prove that can you earn from non-masters games and solve;

Lilienthal v N.N. White to play.

This next RHP loss is unavoidable and painful (but let Hak’s pain be our instruction)

hak - joshua92 RHP 2012

And finally both players move their Kings to the wrong squares.
Black turns a win into a draw, White turns the draw into a loss.

akmsai - Walter van den Nieuwenhuizen RHP 2021

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 192354

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