A Mad Chess Idea.

A Mad Chess Idea.

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A Mad Chess Idea.

Do you remember when...


...did one of these...

back cover

.....when you joined the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ you get another picture.


I have come up with an ‘A’ and ‘B’ type of chess problem.

Move the pieces on the h-file to the e-file and move what is on the
a-file to the c-file and what is on the b-files to the d-file and then
solve the mate in 3. (do not worry this will not be a regular feature.)

This is a naff idea, just jump to the solution.

You should have had this position in your mind but do not worry if
you couldn’t because I’ll be tossing this idea into my overflowing mad
ideas dustbin. The solution is; 1.Ba5 d2 2.Kd8 d1=any 3.Bc7 mate.

Here is a genuine puzzle composed by Alexander Petrov.

White to play and win.

Watch out for stalemate. 1.Rd7+ Ka8! 2.Rxe7 Stalemate.

Think of that German word that means up the creek with no paddle.

Another clue:
You need sacrifice one of the Rooks.


The term ‘move bound’ instead of ‘zugzwang’ came from the chess playing lawyer,
Gerald Abrahams. And in time honoured fashion, two examples of a RxQ Stalemate.

bohemia51 - spartangreek RHP .2018 (White to play)

White missed 61.Qc4 checkmate, Instead. 61. Kd2 c1=Q+ 62 Rxc1 stalemate.

UncleRoger - akabrickmyster RHP 2019

The simplest way was 65.Qf1+ but White played 65.Rxe1 stalemate.
green pawns

I have been watching the Candidates to find the next challenger for Ding Liren.
Some smashing games and all seem to agreed that this is because there is no
increment on move one. The first increment comes in on move 41 (30 seconds.)


Your 17th piece, the chess clock.

I’m not fond of the 30 second increment from move one that you see in other events.
In quite a few well known lines to the players can bang out 20 moves from memory
and have 10 more minutes on the their clock that what they started with. It is farcical..
Games have finished with one player having more time left than what they started with.

But enough of me ranting raving. I have a mystery tour from the Candidates for you.

H. Nakamura - I. Nepomniachtchi, RD.7 Candidates Toronto2024

Next that mating pattern in use on RHP. White is losing but does not give up hope.

Sadashiv Pawanekar 2 - The Cosmic Muffin RHP 2022

Finally from an OTB game, Rainer Gruenberg - Jeno Doery, 1984.

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