A Queen and Knight Attacking Pattern

A Queen and Knight Attacking Pattern

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Norway Chess 2024, featuring two Americans, two Indians,
a Chinaman and a Norwegian was won by the Norwegian.
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This week’s puzzle I tested recently on the kids I coach. I showed it to them one
at a time. They were not allowed to move the pieces. One or two of them struggled.

White to play and win.
Look for backward attacking moves.

Too easy for some of you OK try this from B. Harley in 1926.

White to play and checkmate in two moves.


The mate in two by B. Harley. The answer is 1.Ra5

No matter what Black plays it is checkmate on the next move.


Recently I happened across this position.

S. Bekmukhanov - T. Haugen, Norway 2024 (White to play)

Spot the Black threat and what happened when White played 16.Qe3.
The threat 16..Qxc3 and 17...Nxe2+ The blunder was 16.Qe3 Qg5!

Now a couple of RHP games featuring this Nf4 and Qg5 pattern

Alexander Svetchnikov - Fre O Fortuna RHP 2022

s4a2h - tigerkid RHP.2018

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