Aces and Eights + Four in the Hand

Aces and Eights + Four in the Hand

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Aces and Eights + Four in the Hand

After the failure to find a chess player in the Hungarian pack (see last week’s blog)
I found myself at the Edinburgh Congress bookstall buying another pack of cards.
Playing Cards

This pack of 52 cards depicts the first few moves of 52 openings.

What I now need is a famous hand of cards to show you what some of the
cards looked like. I’ll use ‘Aces and Eights’ the infamous dead man’s hand.

This is hand of cards Wild Bill Hickcock was holding when he was shot in
Deadwood City in 1876. The top picture is of the actual cards Wild Bill was
holding. I bought them on E-Bay for £1.00 from a retired Nigerian General .

So I now display the ‘Aces and Eights’ from the Chess Pack of cards along
with four games from Red Hot Pawn with that very opening. Pretty cute eh?

I don’t just throw these blogs together. Each one is meticulously planned.
Ace Clubs

A Vienna. This will kick off a theme about blatant traps ( see the 3 Knights Game)

utherpendragon - putnah RHP 2010

Deal the next card please.

An Owens Defence. I have a good game to show with this one.
kmac27 - narendrababu RHP 2006

OK turn over the next card.
8 Spades

A Sicilian. No problem there I have hundreds of thousands of them.

PHALANX300 - coquette RHP 2014

The first 11 moves follow a game between two very famous players.
See if you can guess who White is and an extra point for getting Black.

The last card.
8 clubs

The Three Knights Game. Watch out for the most obvious trap ever seen on RHP.

JCMartignoni RHP - ronnie2 RHP 2014

No more playing cards. Next week it’s all about Snakes and Ladders Chess.

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