Blondie, Phobias and Daft Knights

Blondie, Phobias and Daft Knights

The Planet Greenpawn

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Blondie, Phobias and Daft Knights

Me and Mrs Greenpawn saw Blondie.

Blondie Ticket

Smashing! The girl still has it.
‘Dreaming’ was one of the best and most energetic performances I seen any live band
do and I’ve seen The Ramones, Deep Purple and dozens of punk em up bands.
Of course it helps if you have a back catalogue of brilliant songs.

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space reserved for YouTube link where I do a live RHP game.

(fail…I was not happy with it… blog…I promise.)

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Let us catch up with The RHP 2013 Championship statistics. (last blog stats in brackets)

White wins so far 1422 (685)
Black wins so far 1285 (588)
Draws = 78 (31) That is still 3% of all games finished so far!

White Checkmates = 623 (303)
Black Checkmates = 525 (224)
Stalemates = 2 (1)

105 (39) pawns have been promoted to a Queen.
2 (1) under promotions to a Knight.
As yet no under promotions to a Rook or Bishop.

Just decided I no longer like the term ‘under promotion’.
From now it’s a subservient promotion of a pawn. Let it be so.

manusdoc (1979) - Perreby (1287) RHP Ch 2013

A stronger player duffs up a weaker player big deal.
No. Every game has something in it. Here we discuss phobias.

I found this by the same Black player.

wcnblabmk - Perreby RHP.2011

Of course all this yak about phobias is just that. Yak. And I’m only have a piece
of fun with Perreby. We all have bad Knight games.

It’s just me building a theme and this week it’s Knights on the rim.

“Knights on the rim are dim.” is often quoted. However exceptions are a plenty.

actuals (1198) - crazyblkknight (1135) RHP Ch.2013

Where see a Knight going to h4 for a valid reason and when attacking a King
don’t forget to look after your own King.

You have heard of doubled Rooks. How’s about doubled Knights…on the rim.

These two Knights each pick up a Rook on e1 Read on…..

beatlemania (1748) - gumbosis (1487) RHP .2013

Donmac (1628) - reboot (1395) RHP Ch 2013

Tactics all the way culminating in a very rare RHP event.
A sound sacrifice of the Queen.

Black put in a lot effort to get a technically won game.
He then slips into sleep mode and is murdered whilst he slumbers.

WernherK (1726) - cabandmush (1748) RHP Ch 2013

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As usual we end on a high note with some world-class play.

Hogan530 (1196) - achile444 (643) RHP Ch 2013

Me and Mrs GP dressed up ready for The Blondie concert.

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