Carlsen - Karjakin. (Game 8) We Have a Winner

Carlsen - Karjakin. (Game 8) We Have a Winner

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Carlsen - Karjakin. (Game 8) We Have a Winner

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At last after 7 games we have a result and it’s not the one predicted.

Sergey Karjakin beat Magnus Carlsen with Black, no I shall re-write that bit.
Magnus lost with the White pieces in a game he seemed determined to lose.

No that takes something away from Karjakin. (you choose). Carlsen had a
100% stonewall draw and just refuse to take it. If ever you needed proof
that trying to win a drawn game losses then this is it. An incredible decision.

Karjakin played some very good moves. 27...h6 foiling a Carlsen trap.
20...Qa3 which was linked to move 27 and had to been seen in advance.

But the star move was 51...h5!! which he played very quickly. Read on.

Magnus Carlsen - Sergey Karjakin. 2016 World Championship Game 8

I’ll go over the last part of the game and you can get an idea of how good 51...h5 was.

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