Carlsen - Karjakin Game 5  - Still Level

Carlsen - Karjakin Game 5 - Still Level

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Carlsen - Karjakin Game 5 - Still Level

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Game 5 was the fifth draw and again as was the case with the last two,
it is full of interesting moments and ideas. We see for the first time Karjakin
having a poke at Carlsen and Carlsen’s reaction. No Karjakin style defence
for him. He sacs a pawn to get just as many chances as Karjakin has.

Karjakin now has two Whites on the trot. Does he strike at
Carlsen with 1.d4 with which his team must have been working
on because so far Karjakins first two White has been poor.

Magnus Carlsen - Sergey Karjakin. 2016 World Championship Game Five.

And we show an RHP game where a player (one of many) getting their Bishop trapped.

Prishelez - I will try RHP 2016

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  • Posted 1121 days 19 hours and 29 minutes ago
    Hi Joost,

    I have to say I am not enjoying as much as I do a normal blog. Not enough freedom and a definite feeling of I'm punching way above my weight.

    But I'll see it through. I just hope it does not go the distance and into Blitz games.
  • Posted 1122 days 9 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Hi Greenpawn, realy nice this analysis immediatly after the games.
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