Championship Games Download + The Bridge.

Championship Games Download + The Bridge.

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Championship Games Download + The Bridge.

Man O War

The 2012 RHP Championship No……(I’ve forgotten)….

Some stats fantastic. As of noon Sunday 12th March 2012

3783 games have been completed.

White wins = 1937
Draws = 104
Black wins = 1742

1560 games have ended in checkmate. White = 854. Black = 706.

You too can do your own Stats Fantastic by going here:

Championship Games

And down load in PGN format all the 3783 I have so far gathered.

Just look at all the fun you can have.

One of the most popular openings is the Philidor Defence.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6

played 231 times White wins = 104 draws = 12 Black wins = 79.

There has been 163 promotions to a Queen.
There has been 3 promotions to a Rook.
There has been 3 under promotions to a Knight.
No under promotions to a Bishop....Come on lads.

Ridiculous Statistics: knowing these will be of no earthly use to anyone.

White has played g3 and Bg2 within the first 7 moves 208 times..

White wins = 116 draws = 8 Black Wins = 84

A Black pawn has promoted to a Queen on the square a1

30 times. White wins = 3 Draws = 2 Black Wins 35.

So if you want a good chance of winning as Black base your opening plan
on promoting a pawn on a1. The Stats don’t lie!

legendnz - nimzo5 RHP Ch 2012

Witness the Black e-pawn taking a Knight, taking a Rook on a1 and promoting
to a Queen, then taking another Rook, then another Knight and finally mating
the White King.

OK enough of the joke notes. Let’s see what goodies I have selected this week.

Man O War

st40 (2200) - MAN O WAR (1850) RHP Ch 2012

Where, as you would expect with a 2200 player onboard, we follow opening
theory for 10 moves. In this case these two jolly Jack Tars are sailing alongside
the likes Kasparov and Karpov.
Once they hit uncharted waters White offers a pawn that in hindsight should
not have been taken.
Black then put a pawn that White turned a Nelson blind eye too.
Black hit the rocks cap…

(Why have you slipped into nautical terms?.........Russ)

MAN O WAR…it’s a ship.

Black hit the Rocks, capsized and sunk with her guns unfired.

Years later a wrinkled old sailor drinking in the Admiral Benbow Inn
cursed the day his crew saw a loose e-pawn adrift in the open sea.
His bloodshot eyes stared madly as he brought the mug of stale rum
up to his chapped lips and …

(Enough of this seafaring nonsense……Russ)

I mentioned the dangers of slipping into 'any move wins' mode.

Arnoud - scrappie RHP Ch 2012

Blanca - alexandrualeman RHP Ch 2012

White is two pawns up and can saunter to a win in 3rd gear.

And there lay the trouble. White took his eye off the ball for one move.
But he was not the only one who failed to pay attention.

Got another MAN O WAR game but first…..

The high seas are awash with the debris of ships blown up
by mines that were set afloat in centuries ago.
They are clearly marked on the charts with big red crosses.

yashin - DanWarren RHP Ch 2012

MAN O WAR - tetos RHP Ch 2012

Legal’s Blunder.

OneThird - merixzon RHP Ch 2012 White to play.

White went for Legal’s Mate with 5.Nxe5 hoping Black will snatch the Queen.
5…Bxd1 6.Bxf7+ Kd7 7.Nd5 mate.

Of course Merixzon never fell for it. He simply played 5….Nxe5 and
0-1 very soon after that.

So why did OneThird go for such a glass trap?
Well if it worked once…..

In OneThird - vanko RHP 2010, Vanko took the Queen and was mated
in exactly the same way OneThird intended to mate Merixzon

Final position OneThird - vanko RHP 2010.

OK OneThird here is how you do it.

Finally, we meet RHP Hero No.267 polo2000.

He does not lay awake at night counting up measly grading points. Oh No.
He sleeps peacefully dreaming up instructive ways to lose to see if I can spot them.
Thank you polo2000, regarding the ending, we are kindred spirits.

Tactics v Technique (another good title for a book.)

Blicher - polo2000 RHP Ch 2012 Black to play.

Black played 54…Rd8+ the game was later drawn.

54…Rxb7! The Rook on b1 was over loaded.

White cannot play 55. Rxb7 and allow the h-pawn to Queen.
Now two pawns to the good (55. Rh1 Rh7) and the Black King is
in amongst the action the win should be fairly easy.

That was the Tactic this is the Technique.

WollHarr - polo2000 RHP Ch 2012 Black to play.

Black dropped his pawn and the game was was soon drawn.

The known winning method, the technique, has been around for 400 years.
It can learned in 10 to 20 minutes.

Here is how Black could have/should have won this. The Bridge.

(says RHP Hero No.13 greenpawn, who screwed this up OTB - I did win
eventually but my first bridge collapsed. I put my Rook on the wrong rank.
You will see what I mean in the notes.)

One of the best Vids I’ve seen on the net describing this method is here:

>Endgame Video

Infact it is one of the best vids on the net full stop.

This lad is good. Even if you know how to wrap up this ending check it out.
A very polished example. I’d be happy if I paid to see this. Excellent.

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