Chess Coincidences and ChessTraps

Chess Coincidences and ChessTraps

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Chess Coincidences and ChessTraps

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Meanwhile....from the U.K. Metro last week we read:

Police in Oslo said they received several emergency calls
on Monday evening from residents who had hears screaming
coming from a man’s flat. When a group of officers responded
and went to investigate the noise, they suspected the worst.
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So they were more than a little surprised to find not a grisly murder
scene but a lone and despairing chess player who was frustrated that
he kept losing against his computer. The chess fan had been playing
against his computer and was upset that he was constantly losing.
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green pawns

A Chess Coincidence?

It would appear the artist who does ‘Minnie the Minx’ in the ‘Beano’
struggles as I do for a new gimmick. Soon after the Carlsen - Inarkiev
Blitz game where Inarkiev left his King in check and made an illegal
move which has since resulted in the chess blitz rules to be adjusted.

Recap: Here Inarkiev ignored (or missed the check) and played 27...Ne3+

Carlsen, on auto pilot, moved his King. Inarkiev was originally awarded
the game because of Carlsen’s ‘illegal’ move. (it was not an illegal move).
Sanity prevailed and after a Carlsen appeal the result was overturned. 1-0.

The Beano artist had Minnie playing her dad at chess.
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Look. Minnie is moving whilst her Dad is still check!
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Not quite scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for a chess coincidence.
That is more like moving the barrel aside and gravely digging underneath it.

Now watch as I stretch my credibility even further as I give you...

The Odd and Even Numbers Attack

White uses only the odd numbered squares to Checkmate Black.

Gryphonwing - redcatmonster RHP 2012

Black uses only the even numbered squares to Checkmate White.

kildorfpianino - Stq RHP 2012

red pawns

Do any of you, like me, have a few ‘doublers’ regarding chess books.
Recently I successfully managed to reduce my doublers score by one.

I did not want to see this book laying about it in a 2nd hand junk for 25p
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So I bought my 3rd copy of it thereby cutting down my number of doublers
by one. The bad news is I have just increased my number of ‘triples’ by one.

The cover of this book always makes me chuckle and I have seen at least one
poster on another chess site make the understandable mistake of thinking that
Kasparov played Karpov in a World Championship match in Seville in 1992.

These two only met once in 1992. This book covers the 4th Kasparov v. Karpov
match played in Seville in 1987. The 1992 refers to the World Exposition Fair
that was being held in Seville in five years time to celebrate the 500th anniversary
of Columbus sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and discovering America in 1492.

Speaking of ‘doublers’. I think that is the 2nd time I’ve mentioned that cover
on here and the slight confusion is causes. But you have to admit it is unclear.
green pawns

Suppose I had better do some proper chess stuff so a quick run down on
some recent games which contain (hopefully) some instructive moments.

I have often given a reason why we lose at RHP. (and we all need a reason -
none of us can say our opponent played well.) One reason, and possibly the
chief reason is because we play too many games at once and simply blunder.
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I cannot use that excuse. I was only playing one game on when I made this howler.

WaydeS - greenpawn34 RHP 2017

Here in Kings Gambit - greenpawn RHP 2018 (Black to play.)

I very nearly blundered again. I was considering 24...Qg4 with the plan of running
up my h-pawn at White’s King. I looked at 25. h3 OK no problem the Queen has
a square it can go to. (only one square) it was then I spotted. 24....Qg4 25. Bd1!

The Queen is trapped. Instead I swapped Queens on g2 and offered an accepted draw.

Of course there is joy of joys when someone walks into a trap.
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This one I have pulled off quite a few times. Twice in OTB league matches.

greenpawn34 - texasnurse RHP 2018

And more joy when someone plays an obvious move I had enticed them into.
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Here I knowingly play not the best move because it sets a trap. It’s a character flaw.
A bit like buying chess books even though you already a copy because it is cheap.
But the games here all are just good fun. I’m here to enjoy myself and bait traps.

This is me actually writing a blog whilst waiting for an RHP opponent to make a move.
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Happiness = Doing this blog, playing chess then reading a chess book I already have!

greenpawn34 - peterh RHP 2018

"But I could not resist the temptation to see if my opponent could resist the temptation.

Staying on the coincidence theme. Next we have a Rook Sacrifice to activate my
two Knights followed by a two Knights sacrifice to activate my Rooks and Queen.

greenpawn34 - Marko Krale RHP 2018

A double Knight sac. One of my very few wins v an over 2000 on here.

greenpawn34 - Zabi Jowshan RHP 2018

In our other game Zabi Jowshan caught me with a beauty of a move.

Zabi Jowshan - greenpawn34 RHP 2018

I’m not going to end on a loss. Here is a wee trap I set in.

Herman987 - greenpawn34 RHP 2018

Black to play and set a trap.

Look at the Rook and Knight on f2 and h2. If I could get a pawn to g3....
then you see 1...g4 the f3 Knight moves then g3 wins a piece with check.

...however 1...g4 2.hxg4 fxg4 3. N-anywhere g3.

White can play 4. Rxf8 CHECK! so to set this up I played....

Here is another trap set by an RHP player last year.

HFRJPcheck - asimov RHP 2017
The victim is featured in the question at the start of this blog.

green pawns

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