Chess for Dummies and a Pop-Up Book

Chess for Dummies and a Pop-Up Book

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Chess for Dummies and a Pop-Up Book

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This is the painting ‘Cornered’ by G.C. Hindley circa 1900
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A large copy of this painting hangs on the wall of the Edinburgh Chess Club.
We have on some evenings re-created the position in the painting on the board

We still debate if the piece on g1 is a White Rook or a White Bishop
For effect I of course have made it a Rook to allow the Smothered Mate.

From Comics to Paintings to Books. Chess Book. A Chess Pop-Up Book
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Wait for it...
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Back to the position in the painting.

There are more than 5,000 examples of a Queen and two Rooks taking
on a Queen and one Knight on RHP. White wins the vast majority but....

Muxagata - gina0104 RHP 2017

Black played 48...Rxf2+ 49.Qxf2 (28.Re2 is OK)

49...Qd3 Checkmate.

edevo - roelfj RHP 2017

thomasverwer - phatband RHP 2017

The White King chased by Queen and Knight goes to all the wrong squares.

Gabo03 - Venom06 RHP 2017

In this next example White drops both Rooks and gets mated.

peter wilton - Flipperwaldt RHP 2017

In this last sight seeing tour of misery White should have settled for a perpetual.

dcpk - sardodos RHP 2016

green pawns

Heard good reports about this book and only recently managed to get a copy
from a second hand shop for 50p. (I now wait to get all my books 2nd hand).
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It’s very good and has a rather unique introduction to the game.

It does not introduce the reader to algebraic notation till page 251.
Usually that is one of the first things a beginners book explains.

Up to page 251 the author, James Eade, uses diagrams with ‘ghosts’ to explain things.
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Here he is pointing out that trap in Petroff 4.Qd1- e2 (see the ghost Queen on d1)

A minor point of interest here. 80 RHP players as Black have played 4...Nf6 here.

And most...not all...have lost their Queen to 5.Nc6+

I say ‘not all’ which is a perfect excuse for me to show an RHP game I gave
a few years ago. This is one my most favourite instructive games on RHP.

rmajoran - Daily Knight RHP 2011

Using the ghost piece on the from square James used 11 diagrams to show the reader this.

It is White to play and draw.

It is a wee bitty obvious that saboteur and iranpeyma also know of this study.

saboteur - iranpeyma RHP Challenge 2013

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 178030

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