Chess Fun With Rules of Thumb.

Chess Fun With Rules of Thumb.

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Chess Fun With Rules of Thumb.

The answer to the obvious question is....
Title here

...Yes. I bought this book because of the title.

I recently googled the book and discovered the title is
from a poem by Edward FitzGerald. 'Rubáiyát of Khayyám.'

'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.'

So there is a chess link in there after all.

Speaking of books the most famous book review is the two
word book review of Eric Schiller’s Unorthodox Openings.
Title here

Recently I’ve been pointed towards a ‘no word’ book review.
The book in question is Lev Alburt’s ‘Chess Rules of Thumb”
Title here

The joke no word review is:
Title here

Quickly moving on, how are you at solving mate in x moves?
Mates in two, three, four etc. Too easy for you. Then try this.

White to play and Mate in one Move (Leonid Kubbel)

No tricks or en passant scams, a genuine mate in one. (solution at the bottom)
red pawns

Let us go back to...
Title here

I have not read it but without doubt one of the Rules of Thumb will
be the warning about making too many pawn moves in the opening.

OTB Chess History has given us 100's of examples, RHP 1,000’s.

talzamir - Arayn RHP 2012

And now (I’m guessing you know what is coming, an amazing exception.)

GregoryBrown27 - roger k RHP 2011

Black shuns the Rule of Thumb under discussion. what I shall
do is point out some other Rules of Thumb that White ignores.

red pawns

Before we move onto the Hall of Doom, how about this true
story that I picked up whilst surfing about for an idea.

The story concerns a league match in England and a newcomer
was hastily drafted in to fill a vacant board. Upon being
presented with a score sheet the lad was instructed as per
the rules to write his moves down. And this is what he did!

The tale was accompanied with a picture of the lad's score sheet.
Title here

He wrote down his moves as instructed, but not his opponents.

I've no idea if the lad lost on an infringement of the rules, I
think not, most league matches are conducted on a friendly basis.

AT tournaments an incorrect score sheet can cost you the game
and a few Year back Wes So was defaulted for wrting small self
reminders to himself on his score sheet. I was warned once, in
jest, about my habit of writing 'zoom' or'zooom' when I castle.

I still do. G.Chandler - D.Russel, Edinburgh League, 2016.

The famous Yasser Seirawan drawing line I menioned.

red doom

A few days ago this problem was posted on the Chess Forum by moonbus.

It is White to play and mate in two moves.

There is only one way for mate in two moves. (Solution at the bottom)

This gave me an idea to look for some ‘Hall of Doom’ material.
The first game, not a real Hall of Doom contender because here
Black actually won the game though it was the long way around

gilma - InlandRevenueUK RHP 2013

A double Queen Sacrifice.

Now we get onto some correct candidates for the ‘Hall of Doom’.

spammer - Pauline Calf RHP 2007

White misses a Queen winning Skewer

A game featuring a missed mate in one that ended in a draw.
Thelemon200 - Adam Anderson RHP 2014

As predictable as ever I have saved the best till last.

CaptainP - Boramir RHP 2012

Black missed a standard Skewer and played a one move blunder.

red pawns


White to pay and mate in one.

1.Qa3 checkmate.

White to play and mate in two

1.Rg1 (threat 2.Rg8 mate) 1...Qxh1 2.Rxh1 mate.

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